Crossy Road Game Walkthrough

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      Crossy Road is a viral endless arcade game developed by HIPSTER WHALE. The goal with this app is quite apparent, as you must guide your character (being a bird at first) to cross an unsafe road filled with cars, trains and many other deadly vehicles. Each step ahead gives you points and death comes promptly enough, as soon as you make a wrong move. If you stay for too long in one place without moving forward, an eagle will come an attack you causing also your instant death.

      The game’s score is directly connected on how many roads you will manage to cross before you get smashed. Coins can be found scattered across the roads as you play, and collecting 100 of them will give you the chance of buying a new character to play with. They vary from a tree frog, to a bearded wizard, making a total of 50 different character that you can purchase. They can also be purchased for $0.99, but this depends all by you. Given that the game is absolutely free to play, these small purchases are more than understandable.  

    The controls are simple and pretty immediate. You just need to tap in order to move forward one space, and swipe left, right, or down to move one space towards that direction. The real beauty of Cross Road is strongly rooted within the game’s simple controls and its easy gameplay. It’s so easy to dive into another game when you inevitably get flattened. The attempts to break your previous high scores will always be encouraging to make you come back periodically.  

   Crossy Road features a great visual style presented through its amazing cartoonish characters and its unique endless gaming perspective. The challenge comes in getting through all the randomly-generated obstacles, and in passing your friends’ high scores, which will be displayed along the road at their perspective distance. Crossy Road stands out as a simple game with a very hard with a struggling attempt to make the difference in the high scores. You’ll absolutely love this game and its entertaining adventure of crossing the dense roads. Watch the following video walkthrough which will help you achieve a decent highscore..

Give it a try by downloading it by clicking the following icons:


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