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Comic Book Character Pic Quiz Answers

Comic Book Character Pic Quiz Answers, Cheats and solutions to ALL levels and packs. Comic Book Character Pic Quiz is developed by Nick Hale and is a free download on all iOS Devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and can be picked up from the iTunes App Store, Also available on the Google Play Store for most Android devices. This game features a similar gameplay that we’ve gotten to know and love however with the spike in Funkopop, This is sure to appeal to many more players.

Comic Book Character Pic Quiz features inbuilt help such as hints and letter reveals, We also would like players to support the developer as we wouldn’t have games otherwise, However we do help those that can’t afford to. We all know why you’re here so let’s jump straight into the Comic Book Character Pic Quiz for FunkoPop Marvel Characters Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels.



Level 1: Deadpool
Level 2: Hulk
Level 3: Mystique
Level 4: Iron Man
Level 5: Wolverine
Level 6: Thor
Level 7: Captain America
Level 8: Collector
Level 9: Mebula
Level 10: Thanos

Level 11: Lady Sif
Level 12: Ghost Rider
Level 13: Groot
Level 14: Spider Man
Level 15: Loki
Level 16: Star Lord
Level 17: Yondu
Level 18: Winter Soldier
Level 19: Heimdall
Level 20: Professor X

Level 21: Silver Surger
Level 22: Scarlet Witch
Level 23: Black Widow
Level 24: Magneto
Level 25: Hawkeye
Level 26: Beast
Level 27: Drax
Level 28: Ronan
Level 29: Agent Coulson
Level 30: Odin

Level 31: Rocket Racoon
Level 32: Cyclops
Level 33: Howard the Duck
Level 34: Melinda
Level 35: Ultron
Level 36: Vision
Level 37: Dark Elf
Level 38: Colossus
Level 39: Gamora
Level 40: Electro

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