A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game Emulator Trivia Answers

Stuck on the A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game Emulator Trivia game? We’ve solved all the answers and cheats to get you on your way to becoming a retro champion. Created by Netzfrequenz Software, This game is available for download on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. This quiz gives those older players put their knowledge to the test. How do you think you’ll fair up?

A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game is simple yet a darn fun classic. It’s your goal to guess the word by using the picture as a clue (or cheating). Can you guess the 100 best Commodore 64 games? Then why are you here? Asking your friends on Facebook is boring and annoying, This is why we’ve solved all the possible answers to get rid of those annoying moments. Ready to jump into the A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs?

A Classic Retro Video Arcade Game Answers:

Level 1: Tetris
Level 2: Donkey Kong
Level 3: Pacman
Level 4: Boulder Dash
Level 5: Impossible Miss
Level 6: Arkanoid
Level 7: Bubble Bobble
Level 8: Bruce Lee
Level 9: Elite
Level 10: California Game

Level 11: Trivial Pursuit
Level 12: Astroids
Level 13: Internat Karate
Level 14: Frogger
Level 15: Ghostbusters
Level 16: Tron
Level 17: Turrican
Level 18: Buck Rogers
Level 19: Gauntlet
Level 20: Bombjack

Level 21: Ghosts N Goblins
Level 22: Winter Games
Level 23: Lcp Project
Level 24: Pitfall
Level 25: Battlechess
Level 26: Sam Fox Poker
Level 27: Breakout
Level 28: Paperboy
Level 29: Marble Madness
Level 30: Bards Tale 2

Level 31: Xenon
Level 32: Summer Games
Level 33: Qbert
Level 34: Giana Sisters
Level 35: Strip Poker
Level 36: Paradroid
Level 37: Test Drive
Level 38: Alter Ego
Level 39: Afterburner
Level 40: Pole Position

Level 41: Karateka
Level 42: Spy Vs Spy
Level 43: Outrun
Level 44: Ultima
Level 45: Wonderboy
Level 46: Rambo
Level 47: Manic Mansion
Level 48: Tenth Frame
Level 49: Addams Family
Level 50: Asterix

Level 51: Minesweeper
Level 52: Space Harrier
Level 53: Aliens
Level 54: Barbie
Level 55: Microprose Socc
Level 56: Bards Tale 3
Level 57: Blue Max
Level 58: Rtype
Level 59: Klax
Level 60: Welltris

Level 61: Monopoly
Level 62: Hacker
Level 63: Uridium
Level 64: Power Drift
Level 65: Commodore Socce
Level 66: Burgertime
Level 67: Pipe Mania
Level 68: Knight Rider
Level 69: Silent Service
Level 70: Creatures

Level 71: Karate Kid
Level 72: Heart of Africa
Level 73: Krakout
Level 74: Double Dragon
Level 75: Galaxian
Level 76: Three Stooges
Level 77: Spiderman
Level 78: Castlevania
Level 79: Street Fighter
Level 80: Popeye

Level 81: Thing on a Spring
Level 82: Pogo Joe
Level 83: Hot Wheels
Level 84: World Games
Level 85: Moon Patrol
Level 86: Jet Set Willy
Level 87: Hollywood Poker
Level 88: Airline
Level 89: Toobin
Level 90: Wizard of Wor

Level 91: Lode Runner
Level 92: Superman
Level 93: Pitstop
Level 94: Xevious
Level 95: Super Pipeline
Level 96: Topgun
Level 97: Tour de France
Level 98: Renegade
Level 99: Road Runner
Level 100: Robocop

Level 101: Tarzan
Level 102: Two on Two
Level 103: Dallas Quest
Level 104: Shamus
Level 105: Skate or Die
Level 106: Star Wars
Level 107: Super Pac Man
Level 108: Defender Crown
Level 109: Wings of Fury
Level 110: Thief

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