Clash Royale Review for iOS and Android Game Guide

This does not have a lot of baggage from its PC roots. Matches are pretty fast, just a maximum of four minutes before a draw is declared. There are also only two lanes. Every player has three castles and the main goal is to destroy more than your opponent has. Moreover, there are no heroes to learn apart from a variety of different missile and melee troops that you launch onto a board at a time and place of your preference.

Clash Royale Gameplay

From there, the AI takes over and directs them on your behalf. You can also take eight units into battle. When starting, every player gets eight and you can unlock others through pay or play. This works more like a card system where you can put things in and out of your deck as you gain access to them or upgrade the ones you have.

As you rise in rank, you gradually gain access to more and more cards. This game has a learning curve even though it looks simple. Units don’t have many statistics but what exists creates an intricate web of attack and counterattack. Groups of small units can be rapidly removed with splash damage. Splash damage units can be effectively countered by flying troops.

Enjoy this game in any of your android devices.

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