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Answers, Solutions and Cheats to the drunk defying trivia game Celebs Pop created and mastered by Wise Hero Limited. Celebs Pop is a free to play game and is available in both the iTunes App store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices, Free. What’s not to love? Available on all devices and is free.

Think you’re an expert at Celebs? Think again, These are extremely hard to guess and this is why we’ve come to you’re rescue and we’re getting you out of this sticky situation, That’s not alcohol. It’s your goal to try and guess each level by the clue given, The picture, Then using the letters below to try and answer the level.

Here’s your Celebs Pop Answers, Cheats and Solutions created by Wise Hero Limited

Celebs Pop Answers:

Level 1-1: Will Smith
Level 1-2: Brad Pitt
Level 1-3: Angelina Jolie
Level 1-4: Arnold
Level 1-5: Tom Hanks
Level 1-6: Tom Cruise
Level 1-7: Michael Jackson
Level 1-8: Eddy Murphy
Level 1-9: Michael Jordan
Level 1-10: Tiger Woods

Level 2-11: Oprah Winfrey
Level 2-12: George Bush
Level 2-13: Bill Clinton
Level 2-14: Barack Obama
Level 2-15: Michelle Obama
Level 2-16: Hillary Clinton
Level 2-17: John Travolta
Level 2-18: Richard Gere
Level 2-19: Mel Gibson
Level 2-20: Jim Carey
Level 2-21: Sylverster Stallone
Level 2-22: Denzel Washington
Level 2-23: Drew Barrymore
Level 2-24: Madonna
Level 2-25: Mariah Carey
Level 2-26: Robert Downey Jr
Level 2-27: Vin Diesel
Level 2-28: Justin Bieber
Level 2-29: Justin Timberlake
Level 2-30: Jennifer Aniston

Level 3-31: Mark Wahlberg
Level 3-32: Pierce Brosnan
Level 3-33: Jerry Seinfeld
Level 3-34: Vince Vaughn
Level 3-35: Owen Wilson
Level 3-36: Will Ferrell
Level 3-37: Ben Stiller
Level 3-38: Chris Rock
Level 3-39: Russel Crowe
Level 3-40: Johnny Depp
Level 3-41: Matt Damon
Level 3-42: Ben Affleck
Level 3-43: The Rock
Level 3-44: Clint Eastwood
Level 3-45: George Clooney
Level 3-46: Leonardo Dicaprio
Level 3-47: Kate Hudson
Level 3-48: Ellen Degeneres
Level 3-49: Al Pacino
Level 3-50: Robert De Niro

Level 4-51: Jessica Alba
Level 4-52: Paris Hilton
Level 4-53: Charlie Sheen
Level 4-54: Beyonce
Level 4-55: Adam Levine
Level 4-56: Ashton Kutcher
Level 4-57: Britney Spears
Level 4-58: Jack Black
Level 4-59: Barbra Streisand
Level 4-60: Jack Nicholson
Level 4-61: Lindsay Lohan
Level 4-62: Keanu Reeves
Level 4-63: Anne Hathaway
Level 4-64: Homer Simpson
Level 4-65: Natalie Portman
Level 4-66: Cameron Diaz
Level 4-67: Kobe Bryant
Level 4-68: Shaq
Level 4-69: Magic Johnson
Level 4-70: Harrison Ford

Level 5-71: Robin Williams
Level 5-72: Rihanna
Level 5-73: Ryan Reynolds
Level 5-74: Daniel Craig
Level 5-75: Michael Phelps
Level 5-76: Demi Moore
Level 5-77: Meryl Streep
Level 5-78: Jamie Foxx
Level 5-79: Whitney Houston
Level 5-80: Bill Murray
Level 5-81: Emma Watson
Level 5-82: Liam Neeson
Level 5-83: Adam Sandler
Level 5-84: Taylor Lautner
Level 5-85: Kristen Stewart
Level 5-86: Scarlett Johansson
Level 5-87: Taylor Swift
Level 5-88: Katy Perry
Level 5-89: Jay Z
Level 5-90: Christian Bale

Level 6-91: Sean Connery
Level 6-92: Jake Gyllenhaal
Level 6-93: Conan oBrien
Level 6-94: Sandra Bullock
Level 6-95: Bruce Willis
Level 6-96: Tommy Lee Jones
Level 6-97: Snoop Dogg
Level 6-98: Steve Carell
Level 6-99: Tyra Banks
Level 6-100: Cher
Level 6-101: Sean Penn
Level 6-102: Anthony Hopkins
Level 6-103: Janet Jackson
Level 6-104: Muhammad Ali
Level 6-105: Channing Tatum
Level 6-106: James Franco
Level 6-107: Tina Fey
Level 6-108: Tim Allen
Level 6-109: Seth Rogen
Level 6-110: Woody Harrelson

Level 111: Ryan Gosling
Level 112: George Clooney
Level 113: John Goodman
Level 114: Jamie Lee Curtis
Level 115: Morgan Freeman
Level 116: Bruno Mars
Level 117: Julia Roberts
Level 118: Elijah Wood
Level 119: Kim Kardashian
Level 120: Kanye West
Level 121: Jennifer Garner
Level 122: Mila Kunis
Level 123: Paul Rudd
Level 124: John Cusack
Level 125: Al Gore
Level 126: Eminem
Level 127: Mike Tyson
Level 128: Robert Pattinson
Level 129: Hugh Jackman
Level 130: Lebron James

Level 8-131: Michael J Fox
Level 8-132: Jonah Hill
Level 8-133: Charlize Theron
Level 8-134: Usher
Level 8-135: Catherine Zeta Jones
Level 8-136: Susan Sarandon
Level 8-137: Jackie Chan
Level 8-138: Chevy Chase
Level 8-139: Selena Gomez
Level 8-140: Halle Berry
Level 8-141: Nicolas Cage
Level 8-142: Nicole Kidman
Level 8-143: Elvis Presley
Level 8-144: Matthew Perry
Level 8-145: David Schwimmer
Level 8-146: Matt Leblanc
Level 8-147: Courteney Cox
Level 8-148: Jessica Parker
Level 8-149: Jennifer Hudson
Level 8-150: Jeremy Renner

9-151: Steve Jobs
9-152: Bill Gates
9-153: Jesse Eisenberg
9-154: Mark Zuckerberg
9-155: David Hasselhoff
9-156: Tobey Maguire
9-157: Bill Cosby
9-158: Jennifer Lopez
9-159: Gwyneth Paltrow
9-160: Sigourney Weaver

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