Celebrity Nuggets – Superstar Showbiz Trivia Answers

Celebrity Nuggets Superstar Showbiz Trivia and Gossip Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels, Packs and issues. Created by Appynation this game is a must-have for any gossip fan, So how well do you know your hottest showbiz celebrities? With over 50 issues and 500 levels, This will certainly pass those boring moments in life where you need to sit back and relax.

You can pick up Celebrity Nuggets from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. Some stars included have been featured on TV, Music, Movies, Sports, Magazines and much more. What are we waiting for? Let’s guess our way into the Celebrity Nuggets Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all issues.

Answers Issues 1-50:

Level 1. What is the name of this actress who stars in THE HUNGER GAMES movies?: JENNIFER LAWRENCE
Level 2. Name this talented SINGING actress.: MILEY CYRUS
Level 3. What is the name of this celeb’s FIRST BABY?: NORTH WEST
Level 4. Who is this actor who portrayed STEVE JOBS in a movie?: ASHTON KUTCHER
Level 5. Name this LOUD TV sitcom.: THE BIG BANG THEORY
Level 6. Who is this ACTOR and DANCER?: CHANNING TATUM
Level 8. Who is this GREY actor?: JAMIE DORNAN
Level 9. Name this young singer who got his BIG BREAK from YouTube.: JUSTIN BIEBER
Level 10. Her film debut was in MEAN GIRLS. Who is she?: AMANDA SEYFRIED
Level 11. Born in 1990, who is this TALENTED actress?: KRISTEN STEWART
Level 12. Who is this SINGER?: TAYLOR SWIFT
Level 13. Who is this actress, who has been in REHAB several times?: LINDSAY LOHAN
Level 14. Who is this SPYING actress?: ALEXA VEGA
Level 15. Who is this CANADIAN actor?: RYAN GOSLING
Level 16. Who is this ACTRESS, who was married to TOM?: KATIE HOLMES
Level 17. What is the title of this BRAD movie?: WORLD WAR Z
Level 18. He is a star of this SUPERHERO movie. What is its TITLE?: ANT MAN
Level 19. She is the DAUGHTER of an iconic singer.songwriter.: PARIS JACKSON
Level 20. What is the name of the SOCCER team that David BECKHAM played for in 2007?: LA GALAXY
Level 22. Who is this CHARLIE of an actor?: ZAC EFRON
Level 23. Who is this ACTRESS who starred in BLACK SWAN?: MILA KUNIS
Level 24. This guy married a KARDASHIAN. Who is he?: KANYE WEST
Level 25. Who is this HOUSEWIFE actress?: EVA LONGORIA
Level 26. What is the title of this TV AD DRAMA series?: MAD MEN
Level 27. Who is this TED of an actor?: MARK WAHLBERG
Level 28. Name this movie series in which he voices a MAIN CHARACTER.: TOY STORY
Level 29. This ICONIC actor has been IN THE WOODS.: ROBERT REDFORD
Level 30. Who is this English MUSICIAN?: HARRY STYLES
Level 31. Who is this REALITY TV personality?: KRIS JENNER
Level 32. Who is this ACTOR?: AARON PAUL
Level 33. What is the name of this BEDAZZLED actress?: LIZ HURLEY
Level 34. What is the title of this MUSICAL MOVIE?: CHICAGO
Level 35. This SINGER fronts a band. What’s its name?: COLDPLAY
Level 36. Who did she MARRY in 2015.: BENJI MADDEN
Level 37. Who is this STAR WARS character?: HAN SOLO
Level 38. WHO is this ACTOR?: TAYLOR LAUTNER
Level 39. Name this BOY BAND that were UK X.FACTOR finalists in 2010.: ONE DIRECTION
Level 40. His REAL name is CARLOS ESTEVEZ. What’s his stage name?: CHARLIE SHEEN
Level 41. Who is the young lady who was this guy’s GIRLFRIEND for three years?: SELENA GOMEZ
Level 42. What is the name of this SHADES actress?: DAKOTA JOHNSON
Level 43. NANCY married this ICONIC singer.songwriter in 2011. Who is he?: PAUL MCCARTNEY
Level 44. Who is this SINGER who won the fourth season of AMERICAN IDOL?: CARRIE UNDERWOOD
Level 45. What is the NAME of this ENGLISH actor?: ORLANDO BLOOM
Level 46. What is her name? She’s VERY FUNNY.: TINA FEY
Level 47. She starred in this STONER MOVIE. What is its title?: AMERICAN ULTRA
Level 48. Who is this LEADING MAN of the golf world?: TIGER WOODS
Level 49. What is the name of my CLOTHING LINE?: ROCAWEAR
Level 50. Who is this BOY actor?: NICHOLAS HOULT
Level 51. What is this ENGLISH singer’s name?: ADELE
Level 52. This Scientologist MARRIED KATIE in 2006.: TOM CRUISE
Level 53. What is the title of this POST.APOCALYPTIC drama?: THE WALKING DEAD
Level 54. She married KEVIN in 2004. Who is she?: BRITNEY SPEARS
Level 55. Who is this ACTRESS and businesswoman?: JESSICA ALBA
Level 56. Name this character from the TWILIGHT series of books and movies.: BELLA SWAN
Level 57. Who did this actress MARRY in 2006?: KEITH URBAN
Level 58. This is a JOLIE.PITT movie. What’s its title?: BY THE SEA
Level 59. Who is this actor who was once a WIZARD?: DANIEL RADCLIFFE
Level 60. Who is this actress who starred in MARLEY & ME?: JENNIFER ANISTON
Level 61. Who is this guy who MARRIED Jennifer?: JUSTIN THEROUX
Level 62. What is the name of this IRON MAN character?: PEPPER POTTS
Level 63. What is the name of this GIRL BAND that was a jump start for Beyonce?: DESTINYS CHILD
Level 64. He starred in this TV MINI.SERIES. What is its title?: FARGO
Level 65. Who is this British DRIVER?: LEWIS HAMILTON
Level 66. She had a LEAD ROLE in this movie. What is its title?: BATMAN BEGINS
Level 67. Who is this GERMAN MODEL?: HEIDI KLUM
Level 68. What is the title of this ET movie?: MEN IN BLACK
Level 69. DAVID loves these. What are they?: TATTOOS
Level 70. She is a BRILLIANT ACTRESS of many roles. Who is she?: MERYL STREEP
Level 71. Who is this English FASHION DESIGNER? : STELLA MCCARTNEY
Level 72. She sang about an UMBRELLA. Who is she?: RIHANNA
Level 73. Who is this VERSATILE American ACTRESS?: UMA THURMAN
Level 74. What is the TITLE of this 2010 movie about a 1970s GIRL BAND?: THE RUNAWAYS
Level 75. Who is this British CHEF?: GORDON RAMSEY
Level 76. This actress wasn’t VERY NICE in this movie.: HORRIBLE BOSSES
Level 77. He DIRECTED this movie. NAME IT.: AVATAR
Level 78. Who is my FATHER?: BILLY RAY CYRUS
Level 79. What is the title of this DISNEY MOVIE that this lady starred in?: MALEFICENT
Level 80. Name this POLITICAL on.demand drama.: HOUSE OF CARDS
Level 81. Who is this SCARY DIRECTOR?: TIM BURTON
Level 82. She MARRIED David in 1999. What WAS her name?: VICTORIA ADAMS
Level 83. Who is this MATRIX actress?: JADA PINKETT SMITH
Level 84. Who is this ENGLISH actor who has made it BIG in Hollywood?: ROBERT PATTINSON
Level 85. Who is this ENGLISH MODEL?: KATE MOSS
Level 86. What is the title of this guy’s sixth ALBUM?: YEEZUS
Level 87. Who is this OLYMPIAN?: MICHAEL PHELPS
Level 88. He is the FORMER PARTNER of a Kardashian . who is he?: SCOTT DISICK
Level 89. What is the name of Bruce’s EX.WIFE?: DEMI MOORE
Level 90. What is the title of this TV CRIME DRAMA in which this guy played the part of JESSE?: BREAKING BAD
Level 92. What is the TITLE of this movie that features TRIBUTES?: THE HUNGER GAMES
Level 93. What is the name of this FANTASY character that he made his own.: LEGOLAS
Level 95. Name this FEMALE LED TV drama.: THE GOOD WIFE
Level 96. What is the title of this WAR MOVIE starring this actor?: FURY
Level 97. This song was a hit for a BOY BAND. Name it.: BEST SONG EVER
Level 98. What was the name of his FIRST movie character?: RON WEASLEY
Level 99. What is the title of this ROMANCE movie from a HIT NOVEL?: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY
Level 100. She is a MODEL DAUGHTER. Who is she?: LIZZY JAGGER

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