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  • Square It! Review game Guide

    Square It! for iOS and Android Review and Game Guide

    Square it This is the best game to relieve stress with. It has a pure and relaxing gameplay together with a smart combination of color schemes and sound. You need to fill an area with squares without leaving any empty spaces. This game may seem difficult when you first try it but your brain will […] More

  • Super Mario Run walkthrough

    Super Mario Run Review and Game Guide

    This was the most anticipated iPhone and iPad game. This game is a little different from the traditional one. The changes can seem awkward at first, mostly if you are used to having several buttons as well as a direction pad. This game blends the classic two-dimensional gameplay with three-dimensional graphics. This is a single-handed, […] More

  • Pokemon Go review

    Pokemon Go Review and Walkthrough Game Guide

    This game is about walking to real-life locations called Pokestops that are marked on a map on your phone to get items and collect the Pokemon that pop up along the way so as to earn experience. You then use the Pokemon to take over real world objectives called gyms from other players. This game […] More

  • Fast Like a Fox review

    Fast Like a Fox Review for iOS and Android

    This is one of the most exciting android games of 2017 ever made with unique tap control. This game is revolves around the treasures of the Golden fox tribe that are mysteriously stolen. You are then selected to return them to their rightful owners. The fox is controlled by tapping the back of your android […] More

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    3 Best Upcoming Games for PS4

    1. No man’s sky Do You want to travel to a different world with a 3D view and lots of thrilling characters around you? I know you want a break from your routine life. So let’s explore this new game. No man’s sky is a game whether a distant mountain and a planet hanging low […] More

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