Candy Crush Soda Saga – Levels 41-70


The jellies in the corner with the licorice x-blockers over them are the hardest to clear. If you can make a horizontal striped candy on the bottom row or a vertical striped candy on the edge of the board, it will help to free the candy up. The block in the center isn’t as intimidating as it looks, and should be cleared pretty easily. Cherry pick out any problem pieces of jelly as the chance arises.

• In this level you need to clear licorice in the 4 corners and the jelly center.
• Make horizontal and vertical stripped candy to clear jelly.
• Don’t waste your moves.
• Try to get the corners cleared out first then do the center.


Bring the ingredient down. At first glance, you may say ‘bring what ingredient down where?’, but it’s another easy level. There’s an open board once you get through the stray licorice x-blockers in the middle. so making striped candies is easy, and if you concentrate on each ingredient one by one, you should get through this level without any problems.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• First removes the licorice on the far left and far right sides because it’s likely your first in ingredient will drop over there.
• Use stripped horizontal and vertical candies to help drop ingredients down to the bottom.
• Use special candy combos to help collect points and unlock blocked candies.
• Don’t waste moves or your time.
• Think through every move carefully.


The most difficult timed level so far, but still child’s play. Once you’ve broken through the licorice blockers, you’ve got plenty of room to make huge combos, and grab those +5 candies. Keep focused and keep at it, and you’ll clear this level in a flash.

• This is a timed level.
• In this level start off by clearing the licorice.
• Once the licorice is cleared you will have room to create combos to rack up those points in a fast time.
• Try to make moves with the 5+ which increase your time.
• Make as many combos as possible.
• Don’t waste time.


Getting the ingredients out isn’t the problem on this level, getting the points is. The more moves you have left when you clear your last ingredient, the more bonus points you’ll get in the Sugar Crush. Try to work your last ingredient down as far as you can then leave it set up whilst you get more points if you’ve got a good grid of candies in play.

• In this level you need to bring ingredients down.
• The first thing is to get rid of the licorice.
• This will give the ingredients a path towards the bottom.
• Work at the the bottom after clearing the licorice.
• This will help clear matches at the top causing ingredients to just fall down.
• Make combos as often as possible.
• Don’t waste moves on matches that won’t help you.


There’s no jelly under the licorice x-blockers, so don’t obsess over clearing them. If you need the room to make match-4s and match-5s, unlock the candies, but you only really need to concentrate on the jelly. The hardest part is the centrepiece, and you’ll need to hit it twice. Use any colour bombs you get to clear the colour of the centrepiece, and try to get striped candies in position to take it out.

• In this level you must clear all the jelly.
• There is NO jelly under the licorice so do not try to clear them unless you have to.
• Clear only the inside jellies.
• Get a stripped candy to clear the middle square of jelly.
• If you save that jelly for the end it will be the hardest to clear.
• Make combos to clear jelly.
• Don’t waste any moves.

In Candy Crush Level 45 you have to clear the 55 squares of jelly and score 140,000 points. You get just 35 moves for this level and the jelly squares are double ones. There is also a solitary square in the middle with a double layer of jelly. The far right and left columns have no jelly under them but the candies are caged in liquorice. Do not get distracted by uncaging the candies as this is not necessary to do.

As with most jelly levels, it is wise to start level 45 by working low down on the board. This is because the jellies that fall down can form matches and clear jelly higher up the board with very little effort from you. However, it is also important to look out for any opportunities to make special candies. You will need them to remove the jelly from the centre square. You can do this with a carefully placed horizontal or vertical stripe or a wrapped and stripe combination. A colour bomb will also be able to remove the coloured candy in that square as well as a layer of jelly. You need to note that the candy in the middle square is not locked in place so as you make matches below the candies will fall down and that middle candy will change. If you decide to use a colour bomb to remove it, make sure you double check that you are choosing the right colour. Wrapped candies can be useful for removing areas of jelly in the main board as can a colour bomb and striped or wrapped candy combination, although these are not necessary. The fish booster can help too but level 45 can be completed without it.


The 9 jellies you need to get are in the center, surrounded by meringues and guarded by licorice x-blockers. Don’t worry, the meringues do not have jelly underneath, so you only need to crush your way in to the grid of locked candy – clearing the top and one of the sides of meringues is the most effective strategy – once you’re in, you can leave the rest of the meringues and just work in the grid.

• In this level you need to clear all the meringues and the jelly underneath.
• Clear the top and sides of meringues first.
• Don’t worry about the bottom until you start unlocking licorice.
• Use stripped and wrapped candies to help you break through blockades.
• Don’t waste your moves.

In order to complete Candy Crush level 46, you need to clear the 9 jelly squares and reach 20,000 points. It sounds easy but the jelly squares are not only locked in licorice but also have white meringue blockers around them.

You will need to make special candies in order to clear this level in the 15 moves allowed, it is possible though. Start level 46 by clearing some of the meringue blockers. Then work on freeing the trapped candies and finally clearing the jelly. You will need be observant and work slowly as you have no spare moves to play with.

Wrapped candies are the most useful special candies that you can make. You will be able to explode them on their own to clear large areas of jelly or to unlock trapped candies. In combination with a striped candy or another wrapped candy they can clear an even larger area. Colour bombs can be useful as well, use them to free the trapped candies or clear jelly underneath. Combining these with wrapped or striped candies will help a lot too, but is not necessary to do this in order to win level 46.

The fish booster could be helpful, but it is always a gamble as you never know which jellies will be removed and whether they will be the ones that you are having difficulty with. Using a wrapped and striped booster is probably more useful as would a colour bomb booster be. However level 46 is possible without any boosters. The switcher tool could be useful right at the end if you have a possible match that would clear the board. You can use a lollipop hammer to smash jelly as well, if necessary but only use them at the end of the game.


You can sleepwalk your way through this level – all you need to do is score 15,000 points and you have 50 moves to do it in. Freeing some of the licorice caged candy will help but you don’t need to clear all of it to get a good grid.

• In this level all you need to do is get 15,000 points.
• Don’t worry about clearing any licorice because that’s not the objective.
• If you combine a stripped and wrapped candy you could win the whole level in that one move.
• If you get some power ups it will be enough to clear all the licorice on the board and to get the points.



Remember level 46? Well it’s sort of like that again, except this time there’s more jelly to clear. Look at how you can make the matches – because of the layout there are only a few options open to you, and you’ll probably need to rely on some combos to make the majority of the damage. Once you’ve got rid of the majority, work out your plan to pick of the remaining jellies.

• In this level you need to clear all the jellies and licorice cages.
• Work on clearing the jellies with the limited moves you actually do have.
• Make some combos to help you eliminate them.
• Get stripped candies in line with the center.
• Focus on making moves in the center to get rid of more jellies.
• Start working at the bottom if you don’t see any moves in the center.



Quite simply, this is a level you’re going to hit well, or hit badly. In a good game, you’ll be able to make colour bombs and clear the columns of meringues and the locked candy pieces. In a bad game you’ll struggle to find match-3s. First, see where your ingredient is and work on getting it down the board if it’s clear. Take out the meringue columns as and when the opportunity arises and for now, only worry about the locked pieces that are blocking your immediate exit.

Some strategic striped candies can beat this level in a few moves, but be careful not to clear the ingredients before you reach the required 20,000 points.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down.
• The ingredients are blocked by meringues and licorice.
• Look at where your first ingredient is and create a pathway for an exit for it.
• Make combos as always to help you clear a straight path.
• Don’t focus on clearing licorice unless you have to make a pathway.


This level is a lot easier than it looks. You have 50 moves, and you should be able to make some stripes straight away. Crush through the licorice locks whenever you can, and work your way inward. The sooner you clear them, the sooner the empty jelly space will fill with a candy. Use a combination of making striped candy and working on individual pieces, and you’ll beat this level without too much stress.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First rush through licorice blocks whenever possible.
• Work your way to the center instead of around.
• Create stripped candies to help you clear paths.
• Try creating a color bomb in this level because it could really help you with those last moves.
• Don’t waste your moves on moves that won’t clear anything.

Candy Crush level 50 requires players to clear the jelly and score over 33,000 points. You are faced with a board that has four holes at the centre. There are 33 double jellies to remove all near the center and 17 of these are locked in licorice. You have 50 moves to clear them.

Start by clearing as many trapped candies as you can, working from the top or else a lower move could move the candies and ruin any moves at the top. Then work on the jelly which is better off started at the bottom so new candies falling have a higher of clearing jelly for you. After each move, check all the trapped candies to see if you can release any. Also check for the opportunity to make any special candies. Wrapped candies are the most useful here but well placed striped ones can remove significant amounts of jelly or unlock a whole row or column. A wrapped and stripe combination could help significantly as well. Colour bombs are also useful especially when combined with striped or wrapped candies for maximum chance of clearing the most jelly. The hardest jellies to clear are the ones between the spaces in the center of the board and so it is wise to try to use your special candies for those spaces if possible.

If you just have a few moves before you can clear level 50, then the lollipop hammer can be handy. Selecting the fish at the beginning of the game could also help, but it is a risk as you have no guarantee that they will clear the candies that you most need to be cleared. There is some luck in the level too, so be patient as you may need to have quite a few attempts to win.


Welcome to chocolate. It’s not nice, like the chocolate we know. Instead it wants to coat all the candies. It will work on the jellies inside the meringue block until you crush through, then it will spread across the board. To stop chocolate you just need to remove one block in a move by making a match next to it.

The best strategy for level 51 is to create a striped candy to crush through the meringues and down into the chocolate in one strike. Try to do this within the first few moves. Then concentrate on the jelly area. So long as the candies are falling down into the jelly area when you make a match, you can let the chocolate spread upwards as much as it wants.

• This is the first level we see chocolate.
• Chocolate needs to be destroyed before it spreads throughout the whole board.
• The best way to start out with this level is to make a stripped candy that will give you some access to the hidden jelly.
• In this level you do not need to clear all the meringues or chocolate just focus on getting to the jelly and destroying it.



You start with an open grid up top, but the chocolate is advancing quicky. Make as many striped candies as you can to break down through the meringues and free the candy that is locked with licorice. A horizontal striped candy on the bottom row is the quick solution to this level, however most big combos will help, and you have 50 moves to pull it off, making this one of the easier levels in the Minty Meadow.

• In this level you must clear all the jelly.
• The chocolate will keep growing bigger unless you stop it.
• Make vertical stripped candies to help break through to the licorice block candy.
• Try to make a lot of combos to help you clear through everything.
• Horizontal stripped candy will help you clear out the whole row of chocolate if you get it in there perfectly.


As soon as you unlock the locked candy, the chocolate will start advancing, but you need to unlock them to get to the jelly. Any vertical striped candies in the outer columns will really help, but you have limited space to make them until the chocolate is cleared up. Still, again you have 50 moves, so this level is just a crush and combine level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jellies.
• In this level you need to get through the licorice and chocolate to get to the jelly squares.
• You will need to hurry because the chocolate will start spreading as soon as you clear just one block of licorice.
• Get horizontal stripped candies to help you knock down rows.
• Remember don’t waste moves and make combo candies.


Clear a path through the row of licorice locked candy and more candy will cascade down the board and into the empty spaces, making it easier to crush a path for the ingredients to get through.

Of course, the more candy there is down the bottom, the more the chocolate can spread, but don’t worry about that. Just focus on freeing them ingredient by ingredient, using vertical striped candy whenever you get a chance, and this level is more than beatable.

• In this level you need to bring down the ingredients.
• Clear one path through the licorice blocks and candies and possibly fruit will fall down and it will be easy to unlock other licorice rows.
• Don’t pay any mind to destroying chocolate unless it’s in the way.
• Just focus on a path for the ingredients to fall.
• Make combo candies.
• Plan your moves ahead of time.


The first reaction to this level is often “You want me to do what now?” – it looks a lot more difficult than it actually is. There’s only one possible move you can make for your first move, and if you keep working to the right of the board until the ingredient starts to move, this becomes a very standard ingredient level.

You only have fifteen moves, so make whatever special candy you can along the way, but with a bit of patience, you’ll get through this level.

• In this level you need to bring ingredients down to the bottom.
• The first move is given to you.
• Start clearing the right side of the board first.
• This will help you unlocked the ingredient and have some sort of path for it to travel.
• Think all of your moves out because they are limited.
• Make combos along the way.



Make vertical striped candy in the top of the grid to shoot a path through the bottom of the grid. Try to make a few special candies up top before you fire them off, the chocolate is very restricted in where it can move and the more ammo you have ready at the top, the more you can take out at the bottom.

It’s very likely you’ll make a colour bomb up top on this level, and there will be a predominant colour of candy that’s locked in the licorice blocks. Save the colour bomb until you can use it to clear up that colour, then start to work on clearing the remaining jelly on the bottom.

• In this level you need to clear the jellies.
• You will need to make vertical stripped candies to unlock a path so you can play in the second box.
• It’s easy to make a color bomb in this level save it until you get most of the chocolate cleared out of the bottom so it will be easier to destroy the jellies.
• After you clear the chocolates start clearing out the bottom.
• Don’t waste your moves or boosters.

In Candy Crush level 56 you have to clear the 28 squares of jelly and score over 30,000 points to win. You have 45 moves but the board is in two halves. The top half is clear of any obstacles but also has no jelly. The bottom half of the board has alternate candies either covered in chocolate or trapped by licorice. The good news is that the chocolate will not grow over licorice, but the bad news is that as soon as you unlock the licorice, it will.

You will need to start level 56 by making a vertical stripe candy at the top and activating it to remove a column below. If you can, match any candies on the bottom, especially if you can unlock licorice or remove chocolate. Once you have completed all moves in the bottom half, then go back to the top and try to make more vertical striped candies. Working the bottom half of the board is the best way to remove as many jellies as possible. Wrapped sweets are great for this. A stripe and wrapped sweet combination is very effective as well. Colour bombs can be useful, making sure that you select a colour that has a lot of jelly beneath it or in combination with a wrapped or striped can clear a lot of the board.

The key to level 56 is not to panic. When chocolate is growing it can make you speed up and then not notice everything else that is going on. A wrapped sweet can easily clear a lot of chocolate and its rate of growth may seem fast but you can easily clear great amounts of it in one go. Boosters can help, a well-timed lollipop hammer could help you win and using the sweet teeth to clear chocolate can be helpful too.


The chocolate spreads from the start on this level, so try to clear the meringues to get a clear exit path, and keep looking for match-4s to make striped candy and help you get the points you need. The new ingredients don’t appear until you reach certain points, so try to get the ones you already have on the board off to get that extra points boost.

• In this level you need to bring down the ingredients.
• Chocolate will start to spread at the start of this level.
• Try making vertical, horizontal, and wrapped special candies to help clear a path for ingredients.
• Try to clear chocolate blocking the way but don’t waste moves only on defeating chocolate.



You have a limited amount of moves on this level, and you need to score big points as well. Even though there is no jelly inside the merignue grid, and even though it’s containing the chocolate, it’s worth breaking through to get the room you need to make combos and score the required amount of points.

Pick off the jelly whenever you get a chance, but don’t clear that last piece of jelly until you’re certain you’ll score over 60,000. Remember, the amount of moves you have left an the special candy already on the board will help you achieve that score.

• In this level you must clear all the jellies.
• Start at the bottom corners they will be the hardest to clear if you wait to long.
• You have limited moves so do not waste them.
• Clear through the chocolate and meringues to be able to create combos.
• Use your moves wisely.



This is the most difficult timed level so far. First make as many combos as you can with what’s on the board, then work on clearing the merignues to give yourself some room to make your combos. Don’t worry too much about getting rid of the chocolate, just do enough work to keep it from taking over. Grab the +5s as soon as you can, and you’ll be well on your way to scoring the points you need to clear this level.

• This is a timed level, you need to get 15,000 points on 90 seconds.
• First make as many combos as you can without clearing meringues.
• Then clear some out so you can make even more combos.
• The more combos you make the faster you will get points.
• Grab the +5s when you see them to give you some extra time.



You’ll need to clear your path through the meringue block first, and cler up the chocolate. If you focus on doing that, your first two ingredients should have hopefully moved some of the way down the board anyway. From that point in, it’s a typical ingredient level. Use vertical striped candy to get ingredients down quickly if you can: your new ingredients will appear on the screen once you’ve cleared the first ones off the board.

• In this level you need to bring ingredients down.
• Clear some meringue and chocolate to help form a clear path.
• Use vertical stripped candies to help clear a path.
• Remember not to let the chocolate take over the board.
• If you do then there won’t be a path for ingredients to fall.



The meringues and licorice locked candy have jelly underneath, so crush your way through to make room to make combos. Making striped candy is quite easy on this level, and it will help you clear up that jelly without too many problems. It’s just one of those levels where if at first you don’t succeed, try again – you should beat this level in a few tries.

• In this level you must clear all the jelly.
• The licorice and meringue candies have jelly hidden underneath that you will have to clear.
• So start with meringue and clear those.
• Then clear the licorice and the jellies that fall underneath.
• Then you can use stripped candies which are found abundantly threw this level to help you clear things faster.



You have 6 ingredients to drop here and you’re working on a narrow grid. You should be able to free a couple of the ingredients before you crush through into the licorice locked candy and chocolate by staying focused on the center of the board, and there should be some very obvious combos you can make.

When you have no other option, crush through the sides and make striped candy when you can to bring down the remaining ingredients. It’s a little bit trial and error, but you should get there after a few plays.

• In this level you must bring all the ingredients down.
• A few of the ingredients you should have no problem bringing down without having to break through the licorice or chocolate.
• There are lots of combos that you can make to help you clear unwanted chocolate and licorice.
• Don’t let the chocolate block the very top row.
• It will be extremely difficult to unblock if that happens.



You need 50,000 points to finish this level. I repeat: you need 50,000 points to finish this level. It’s very easy to clear the jelly without reaching that target, so you need to focus on making big combos to boost your score, whilst leaving the jelly on the board.

Of course, the more moves you have left and the more special candy you have on the board when you finish, the more your points will go up after the jelly is cleared, but you only have 20 moves to begin with so don’t rely on this to tip the scales in your flavor.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• It’s very easy to clear all the jelly but getting the points will be the hardest part.
• You will need to make every combo as possible to just eat enough points.
• You also need to clear every pieces of chocolate on the board first.
• You will have easier access to jellies after you clear chocolate.
• Remember start at the bottom and work up.



A pretty straightforward timed level – once you crush through the licorice locked candy, meringues and chocolate, the candy will cascade into the empty spaces at the bottom, giving you more ways to make special candy combinations. They’re a bit stingy with the +5s here, but grab them when you can to give you more time to make your score. It’s a level of false comfort, leaving you softly satisfied before you face the evil that lies ahead.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 10,000 points in 90 seconds.
• You will need to quickly break through all the licorice, meringues, and chocolate.
• This will bring candies to the bottom and give you a change to make special combos.
• Remember to make moves with the 5+ to give you extra time.


If you have any free boosters saved from the start of the game, this is the level to use them on. First, watch our video play through of Candy Crush Saga level 65, and look at how the chocolate gets cleared in the first three moves. If you manage to do that, you’ve stopped one of the biggest level 65 threats, and you’ll be finding your way out of the Minty Meadow in no time. It goes without saying but making striped candy is the key to success here.

Try to make horizontal striped candy on the rows with licorice caged candy to free them up. Then, after clearing the chocolate, look for vertical match 4s in the columns with jelly and locked candy at the bottom. A vertical swipe will give you a vertical striped candy, and these are essential to clear the bottom-most caged candies.

Play the bottom of the board to increase your combos and keep your eyes peeled for match 4 and match 5 patterns. If you get a colour bomb, go for the colour which will clear the most jelly, save the bomb until you’re able to clear that colour with it or until you’re able to combine it with a striped or wrapped candy.

If you are going to use boosters on this level, don’t be stingy – use them all together on the same game. It’s a lot more effective and cheaper than using them individually and then failing the level regardless. This level is widely regarded among the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga (in fact, most agree that it is the most difficult out of all the 400+ levels), so don’t worry about ‘getting into the habit of buying power ups’, if you’re going to buy them at all, just buy them for this.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• You’re going to need to clear the chocolate first.
• Chocolate is always your biggest threat.
• Then use stripped candies to clear the licorice in the corners.
• You can make combos n this level and we suggest that you do.
• Also keep in mind there might be transparent jelly hiding so always think and look carefully at your next move.

Candy Crush Level 65 is another difficult level in the Minty Meadow episode. To beat this level, you must score 120,000 points and clear 65 jelly squares. This level features chocolates and locked candies. The hard part about this level is that some jelly squares are in a little nook all the way around the board and they are very hard to get to. They are also covered with chocolate and locked candies which make it even more difficult.

To beat level 65, you want to start by first clearing all of the chocolate from the board and unlock the locked candies. Once you have done this you can start going for the jelly squares in the nooks since these are the hardest to get too. It really helps in this level if you can get a wrapped/striped candy combinations as it will clear a lot of the blockers. Once you can clear all or most of the corner/nook candies, then you can start working in the middle of the board. Save your special candies to get rid of the last nooked candies you couldn’t reach. Remember to also play towards the bottom of the board so the chances are higher that you will crush the jelly at the top and also maybe create special candies at the top.


Level 66 is a split screen level, the teleporters move candy from the bottom of the left hand side of the screen to the top of the right hand side of the screen.

Just work on making matches in the right hand side of the screen, the ingredients on the left travel to the top of the right hand side eventually. Horizontal striped candy will go across screens, but vertical striped candy won’t. This is a simple level, and an introduction to teleporter play.

• This level has two screens on the left side it has a teleported to transfer candies over to the other side.
• Work on making matches on the right side because the ingredients will naturally travel over to that side.
• Horizontal stripped candies will go across both screens but vertical ones will not.
• Don’t waste your moves.



You have a limited amount of moves: your first priorities should be either getting rid of the chocolate or breaking down through the row of meringues, whichever is easiest given your starting position. Every block of meringue has jelly underneath so it’s important to focus on both sides of the grid.

Dropping a horizontal striped candy on the bottom row is pretty easy on this level, and it will help unlock the candy at the bottom. This is a relatively easy level, and you’ll beat it without any worries if you can make a big combo such as a striped and wrapped candy.

• In this level you will need to clear all the jellies.
• You do not have a lot of moves in this level.
• You need to first clear chocolate or break meringues.
• All the meringues blocks have jelly underneath them.
• Focus on both sides of the board if you focus on one you will run out of moves.
• Focus on getting combos and not wasting your moves.


There are six licorice-x blocked jellies in the bottom right hand corner – these are the key to the level. You won’t get any new candy through the transporter until they are unlocked, so focus on crushing these candies first.

After they’re clear, work on the left of the board to remove the jelly – it’s an open grid so you should be able to make some combos to clear up this level. If you’re left with jelly where the locked licorice used to be, any move in the second column will move the candy from the bottom right hand corner to the top left of the screen.

Once you get down to 7 moves, start working one by one on the remaining jelly unless you have any useful striped candies left in play.

• In this level you need to clear all of the jellies.
• The licorice candies need to be broken first.
• There is a transporter underneath and you won’t be able to get to it without clearing the licorice.
• Once that’s done work on the left hand side to clear jellies.
• You should be able to make combos easily to clear jelly.
• Watch your moves because they will go fast.




First, clear the meringues to fill up the empty blocks on the bottom left and bottom right hand side of the screen. Then do as much work as you can in the blocks on the bottom to clear up the jelly.

When you run out of moves in the bottom blocks, work on making match-4s to get vertical striped candy up the top again; you may even be able to make a colour bomb up there if you’re lucky.

Fire off the vertical striped candy at the top to crush the candy in the bottom of the screen, and new candy will fall down there. Work on the bottom until you run out of moves, and repeat until you clear the level.

• In this level clear all the jelly.
• You need to clear the meringues first.
• This will open up the jelly at the bottom and make candy fall down to them.
• Work from the bottom make many moves and create lots of combos like stripped and wrapped candies.
• Plan your moves ahead of time because they are limited.




Level 70 is a super-annoying level. The candy never seems to fall where you want it to, and it can take many tries to get through.

If you can see a series of good matches on the right, then start on the right, but be aware that the chocolate will start to spread once you crush through the licorice locked candy. Otherwise start on the left. You’re trying to make as many horizontal striped candies as you can.

Vertical striped candies are pretty much useless on the left hand side of this level, and wrapped candies are only good if you can combine them with a horizontal striped candy. This is your aim – combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy, if you can do that, you’ll get a good start on the level.

If you haven’t unlocked the chocolate, try to clear that first with your horizontal striped candy. And if you make vertical striped candy on the left hand side, try not to set them off until you can drop them through to the right hand side where they’ll actually do some useful damage.

Be patient – your brain is used to making vertical striped candies by now for ingredient levels, If nothing else, at least playing this level will increase your skill for making horizontal wrapped candies!

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First you need to make matches in the top right square.
• Try not to break any of the licorice yet because the chocolate will start to spread if you do.
• On the left hand side you need to practice making horizontal stripped candies.
• This will help you clear rows of jelly and licorice.
• You really need to make either a color bomb or combine a stripped and wrapped candy together.
• This will help you almost clear the right side entirely and practically save your game.
• Watch your moves and don’t waste them.

Candy Crush level 70 is located in the Eastern Bunny Hills. This is one of the hardest and most hated levels in the game and many people get stuck on it for long periods of time so know that you may spend some time on this level. The aim of this level is to clear all of the jelly. The board is split in to two halves and all the squares on the right hand side have a double of layer of jelly to be removed. The very bottom two layers are chocolate but there are two layers of jelly under it. Above these two layers are candies trapped in licorice cages. You have 45 moves, which seems like a lot, but they soon disappear!

The best place to start is to see whether any of the cages can be destroyed. This is key to winning the game and so every move, you should check if you can do this. You also need to check all of the time whether you can make any special candies, especially on the left hand side as there is more space there to do so. As there is a portal from the bottom of the left hand side to the top of the right, these special candies can get across to the other side. You also need to keep a close check on the chocolate, to make sure that it is not growing too fast and covering up everything on the right hand side. Try to make swaps on the right hand side as much as you can as you will clear jelly that way.

On level 70, the best special candies to go for are the horizontal stripes on the left that will clear rows on the right when set off. Wrapped sweets on the right hand side will clear jelly more easily. A wrapped and striped combination is useful anywhere. Color bombs are also good, especially for clearing the last few bits of jelly but combined with a striped candy they can be useful nearer to the beginning of the game to clear a large amount of candy.

If you have any lollipop hammers these can be good to get rid of the last few jellies if you only have a few moves remaining and no chance of getting the right colored candies down to clear them. The same goes for the switching tool. Extra moves could be handy, but as you have to select these at the beginning of the game it is always a gamble because, as with all of the levels there is some luck involved and you may end up wasting them. Fish could be a useful selection too as they will eat remaining jelly, but only if they are able to be used at the right time.


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