Candy Blast Mania Valentines Cheats and Strategy Guide

Guess whats back? Candy Blast Mania Saga and its not just ‘back’, it’s here with a whole new event style theme. Can you guess what it is? Well… Valentines Themed. But the Gummy Bear King is threatening to destroy the whole love atmosphere and ruin Valentines Day! Your task is to stop his evil plans and restore romance with the help of our helpful cheats and tips below.


Tip 1: Create the Sweet Spot for Bigger Matches!

Special spaces are created when you match more then 3 candies at a time. However there are three different special spaces, The most basic one is called the ‘sweet spot’. The ‘Sweet spot’ is created by matching 4 candies in a row, Seems simple. Doing this will leave behind a green space with white space on top of it, If you match any kind of combination on top of the space it will result in all candies of one type that you still need to collect and increase by 1. As per this example if you still need to collect red candies, the ‘sweet spot’ will power up all red candies on the board to +1. Neat!

Tip 2: Use SUGAR Blast!

Now the sugar blast special is a good one and is created by matching 5 candies in a or shape. This will make a red special space and this will shoot out a beam horizontally and vertically when activated, matching all candies in the way. This is especially good for when you need some space cleared or you need to reach a specific are of candies but don’t have any immediate matches possible.

Tip 3: Maybe CANDY Scoop?

The Candy Scoop special is a good one and is created by matching 5 in a row. When activated, the candy scoop will collect ALL candies of one type, Which is quite useful. Wondering what candy its gonna collect? well the Candy Scoop special will collect the candy you match on top of the space. As an example if you match a green candy on top of the candy scoop space, all green candies on board will be immediately be matched.


Tip 4: Completing Challenges Gets you Rewards!

By completing challenges you will be given rewards, which is good as this keeps the vibe of the game going. Now are you wondering where to find the challenges menu? Well not to worry click the key icon on the top left, The menu will now open. This will give you tasks to complete on certain levels. For example, some challenges will ask you to finish a level with certain amount of stars at the end. Upon completion of these challenges you will receive a key, And after you collected 5 keys you will be able to open the chest which will return you will super dooper awesome rewards, Which can be anything ranging from gems to boosts.

Tip 5: Now wondering where that Valentines Bit is?

Not to worry, We knew you were. Though before you can do any of the Valentines region you will need to at least reach level 13, Quickly make you way through by using the above tips and get yourself there.

You are now ready to save Valentines!!!!


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