Bunker: Room Escape FULL Walkthrough All Levels

Bunker: Room Escape Walkthrough, Cheats and Solutions to all possible levels and packs. We’ve created this page to bring you the full walkthrough game guide. Created by FixApp for both iOS and Android devices for free. Whether you’re a fan of Block Archer or not you’ll simply fall in love with this new game. You’ve just had a car accident on the main road and found yourself stuck in a strange room, Find items and use them to your advantage to help yourself escape the horrors that await.Bunker: Room Escape walkthrough

If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device then head straight on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store now and pick up this game completely free for your device. If you need help with one level or every level then using our guide will help you complete these tricky fun yet exciting word trivia levels. Let’s get stuck into the solutions.

Bunker: Room Escape Walkthrough All Levels

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