Bubble Shooter Saga Review: Rescue the Little Panda – New Candy Crush?

Are you a huge fun of the popular game Candy Crush? Well we don’t blame you, Candy Crush is highly addictive and is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store. But are you ready for the next big thing? Bubble Shooter Saga, This game is developed by Qi Qi and has just been released. After playing this game for an hour or two id though we’d make a review on this bad boy, and you’ll see why when you continue on.

screencap, panda pop

Bubble Shooter Saga is highly addictive, so you may want to stay away. As I said earlier about it being like the hit game Candy Crush, In a way Yes but in a whole big way No, The gameplay is different but has the same concept, You’ll understand what we mean when you download it. After playing this for an hour we noticed there are a lot of levels, to be more precise 400+ challenging levels, Which is great as you wont be getting bored anytime soon. It packs some stunning graphics as you travel across the world while throwing bubbles in sparkly swamps, amazing airships and chocolate covered islands :O. Though the best bit will always trying to beat your friends scores.

In conclusions we cant say much horrible things about Bubble Shooter Saga except for the fact thats its highly addictive. If you are interested in these kind of games which i’m sure you are, as this is the reason your here. Give the game a try and best of all its damn FREE!

Download for the AppStore: Click Me

Download for Android PlayStore: (not available yet :()

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