Boom Beach – Cheats and Tips

Want a new addicting game? Like Clash of Clans or even HayDay? Well never fear Supercells’ here. Boom Beach is bringing you a fun, Combat strategy style game. Players are to build a base much like Clash of Clans you are to defend your territory. Though its not similar as that would just be Clash of Clans, So they made it a modern style war themed.

Like most free games they offer in app purchases, Which really suck. But a great thing Supercell has done here is the fact that buying in app purchases will not over power the player. Boom Beach is one of the fairest games available to date when it comes to handing out premium currency for free.

Below will features some tips, Tricks cheats and some walkthroughs. Boom Beach was released to the public 27th March 2014.
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Free Gems!

Every time you open the game you will receive 10000 gems as well as everything upgrading instantly on your base and you dont’ need any wood to build anything, Nice.

Strengthen your HQ

By focusing your main attention on strengthening your headquarters you will earn new resources that will allow you to create new buildings and defences. Though don’t get us wrong, Strengthen others buildings too, Just more energy into the HQ

Upgrading your Sawmill

The early stages are the most important as this is setting you up for the future. So its important for you to make your Sawmill upgrades a priority each time they become available when you update your headquarters.




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