Bonza – Baked (Daily Puzzle Answers) March 3rd


Welcome back to today’s (3 March 2015) daily puzzle and this one is a great one, Why’s that you may ask? We enjoy baking and this is perfect because those baking words are gonna come in handy today, Well… maybe not if you are here. But thats okay (We wont tell). Anyway Bonza is a crossword style game but with a twist. Instead of guessing the letters to put in the boxes you are given a bunch of shapes with letters on them and you are to make words by putting them together, Give it a go. You will enjoy it. Now lets get to the answers.


If you’s are wanting written instructions on these Bonza Word Puzzles please tell us below in the comments but we do think having the picture there is a lot easy (Loads fast to). Enjoy!










Bonza Daily Word Puzzle - Baked

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