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        A quick question for all the smartphone users out there and particularly for the mobile gamers: “What’s the most usual way to interact with your phone?” And the most common answer would surely be: “By touching its screen”. Well, we are presenting you with a mobile game where you might do everything, but this.   

         Blackbox is one of the winners awarded by Apple for Design Awards 2017, and there are a lot of logical reasons that brought this decision. The game is developed by Grow Pixel and it delivers an ingenious gameplay, clever innovations and elegant animations that all together create an amazing mobile gaming experience. Blackbox is a game that will force you to rethink everything you know about your iPhone. The game requires much cleverness and creativity. You’ll either end up feeling frustrated or unbelievably proud of yourself. The game will present you with small challenges which you have to complete by doing everything except touching the screen. Each challenge ends whenever you manage to light the given box, meaning the small displayed coloured square boxes that changes from being empty to filled. To succeed throughout the challenges you have to use your iPhone’s sensors and features in order to solve the puzzles.

       One of the main things to know about Blackbox is that most of the puzzles can’t be solved with simple taps or swipes on the screen. Instead, the game employs actions completed by using the sensors and features of your phone. Like i.e, changing the volume buttons, adjusting the screen brightness or plugging into the headphone jack to solve the puzzles.

        Each puzzle has a different color, so it’s pretty easy to differentiate which ones you’ve already completed. Those boxes that are crossed off with gray stripes aren’t yet available for you to play. They are puzzles you’ll need to unlock by solving new challenges. The best part about Blackbox is that you don’t need to solve all the pieces of a puzzle at once. You can turn on just one light, a few, or even none, then go back to your grid to try another. The more puzzles you solve, the more will be added to your grid. Since there’s no timeline or penalty for wrong attempts, you can take a break whenever you want and return later to the puzzles later and try something new.

       This is a complete walkthrough guide that will help you solve the most overwhelming part of the first grid levels:

NOTE: Some levels are time-related and they can be solved by changing the time and date on your device. If you see a solution below that demands you to check a level at a certain time or date, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll whether wait for that time or just change the date on your device.


Six red boxes (numbers 1-6):

1-4: Rotate your device until the first four red boxes light up. Line up the red liquid with the lines that will appear.

5: Place the device on a flat surface in order to align the two circles with each other.

6: The same method as level 5, but instead the screen should be placed down.

Two yellow boxes (7-8):

7: Reduce the screen brightness till the end.

8: Increase the screen brightness to the maximum.

Four orange boxes (9-12):

9: Mute the device to light up the first one. If you have a newer device, just use the sleep button.

10: Raise the volume to the maximum.

11: Drop the volume to the minimum.

12: Plug headphones to light up the bottom left box. If you have a newer device without an headphone jack, use the lightning adapter or the wireless headphones instead.

Light teal blue box (13):

13: Turn on Airplane mode and switch off the Wifi.

Light purple box (14):

14: Take a screenshot.

Two green boxes (15-16):

15-16: Open this box once every hour of the day to complete all the 12 sections. Each box stands for 12 hours. Select whichever of the two green boxes to open and complete the turns. As you’ve lighted up the first box, the second one will light up itself as well.

Three light green boxes (17-19):

17: This box will light up as soon as your device’s battery percentage will be at 100%.

18: Plug your device into a charger and this box will light up promptly.

19: This box will light up as soon as you’ll receive the ‘Low Battery’ notification, just as battery percentage goes lower than 20%.

Three light blue boxes (20-22):

20: This box will light up whenever the device listens no more sounds, and is rather in total silence.

21-22: Create a lot of noisy sounds to make these two boxes light up.

Level 23/ Orange box:

23: Put your finger over the camera of your device making the screen turn off for 10-20 sec and then move away your finger.

Levels 24-25/ Two pink boxes:

24-25: These levels are completed according to the actual moon phase. More precisely, these boxes will be ignited during a full moon and a new moon. You can even adjust the date in order before you’ve entered the game, to just light up the boxes instantly.

Level 26:

26: Cite clearly “Blackbox” or “Hey Blackbox” nearby your device’s microphone. If it doesn’t work at first, minimize the game and then go back to try again.

Level 27:

27: Shake your device until an “Undo” pop-up is displayed. Select ‘Undo text’ and the box will light up.

Levels 28-30/ Three pink boxes:

28-30: These levels will be sorted out according the Sun cycle. Specifically, the time of sunrise will light up the first box, solar noon the second one, and the sunset will light up the third. You can even get the exact time of each after your exact location and change the time in your device’s settings.

Levels 31-34/ Four blue boxes:

31: Walk or drive 1 km.

32: Walk or drive 10 km.

33: Walk or drive 100 km.

34: Walk or drive 1000 km.

Level 35/ Red box solution:

35: Place the device on a flat surface to make the red dot stay in the center for long enough that evenly fills up the whole screen.

Levels 36-37/ Two light orange boxes:

36: Enlighten a bright light over the back camera of your device.

37: Enlighten a bright light over the front camera of your device.

Level 38/ Pink box:

38: This level demands that you utilize the device’s Touch ID. Use a wrong finger for three consecutive turns so that every turn shows the “Try Again” notification. Use any finger you’d like if you don’t have the Touch ID enabled at all.

Level 39/ Light green box:

39: Go to settings and look for Blackbox’s settings at the bottom. Scroll down to toggle the little blackbox ‘On’. Get back to the game and look for the just appeared box at the far bottom (below nr. 28). Go back to settings and toggle the little blackbox back ‘Off’.

Level 40/ Light blue box:

40: This level will be revealed right next to the previous nr.39. You’ll notice the box was once enlightened and then turned off. Go to you device’s Settings-General-Date & Time, and turn off the feature “Set Automatically”. Change the time manually to just a minute earlier and the box will be lighted up right after this.

Level 41/ Light orange box:

41: Launch any app that you have located at the bottom left of your main screen. This will make the box light up automatically.

Level 42/ Magenta box:

42: This level will be available only after playing Blackbox for three consecutive days. To light up this box, hold the power button on your device and turn it off. After turning back on your device the box will be lighted up.

Level 43/ Red box:

43: Place the device on a leveled surface and then slowly turn it clockwise or on the contrary, for a full circle. This will make the box light up.

Level 44/ Light blue:

44: This level unlocks only after you’ve pressed the ‘Share’ button and shared the app with your friends through social accounts. To pass the level you have to take a screenshot of the displayed QR code and send it to another device. Then you must point the front camera towards the QR code and the box will light up.

Level 45/ Orange box:

45: Also a secret level that has particular way to be unlocked. Open ‘Safari’ and go to Blackbox’s website through the description on App Store. As you open the website tilt your device upside down a couple of times. The red fluid will move to the other side and reveal the lock symbol which indicates locking the orientation of your device. Pull up the ‘Lock Orientation’ button and toggle it on. Go back to the website and turn the device upside down once again. You’ll spot a text that says “BLACKBOX://META” on the bottom. Copy the shown text and paste it on the address bar of ‘Safari’, and after pressing enter choose ‘Open on Blackbox’ on the new appeared pop-up. Go back to ‘Safari’ and enter ‘BLACKBOX://’ followed by the emoji Lock (🔒). Choose again yes to open the link on Blackbox and the secret level will be unveiled although locked. Open again ‘Safari’ and add ‘BLACKBOX://’ to the address bar followed by a key emoji (🔑). Open again through the app and the level will be unlocked, although it will be all dark with no clue at all. In order to light up the secret orange box go to ‘Safari’ and in the address bar add “BLACKBOX://” followed by the emoji Lightbulb (💡). Open the link in Blackbox and the box will light up.

Level 46/ Pink box:

46: To complete this level you need QR codes of 3 different colors. Scan the one color code  you already have with your back camera, then ask for your friend’s help to scan the other colours from them. Be aware that old-dated QR codes won’t work.

Level 47/ Magenta box:

47: Hold your finger on the screen without letting go. Wait until the whole screen turns magenta.

Levels 48-49/ Two green boxes:

48: Go to the main screen of the game and tap upon two different colored boxes. Tap on the hint box without even revealing the hint. Go back to the green box and tap upon the hint of the left box first. Without revealing the hint at all, the left box will light up itself.

49: Tap on the right green box and clink the hint box for three times. Just by tapping, without actually revealing the hint, will light up the other green box.

Level 50/ Light purple box:

50: Use two fingers in tringy to drag the top left corner of the game grid. Keep pulling until you see more empty dark spaces even if the game tells you not to. You’ll reveal this secret level eventually. Scroll down to the new level and exceed it by just taking a screenshot. This will light up the box.

Level 51-56/ Six purple boxes:

The six lines represent different tones. Play the tone into the microphone of your device for long enough that the corresponding box lights up.

51: Low E tone.

52: A tone.

53: D tone.

54: G tone.

55: B tone.

56: E tone.

Level 57/ Light orange:

57: You’ll differentiate easily this level as it shows an obvious clipboard in the middle of the screen. Go to your ‘Notes’ app to cut some text then get back to the game. The paper will have fallen off the clipboard. Go to any other app and paste the text. It will show “xobkcalb”, for Blackbox spelled backwards. Copy the text and go back to the game where the box will be lighted up accordingly.

Level 58/ Coral pink box:

58: This level represents the Morse code. You must complete the Morse code using your front camera to complete the level. Tap on your front camera to create rings, while the longer you hold on to the camera, the thicker the ring will be. Match the width of rings with the length of the given points and dashes. You can repeat until the whole Morse code is matched.

Levels 59-60/ Two green boxes:

These levels are solve by accepting and rejecting calls. Each level must be opened when the phone call comes.

59: Reject a phone call.

60: Accept a phone call.

Levels 61-61/ Three light blue boxes:

61-63: These boxes represent altitude. You’ll need to go to higher altitudes in order to light up these three boxes. The easiest way would be probably to do it while on plane.

Level 64/ Red box:

64: For the top row with the red boxes, tap on the ‘Share’ button and select ‘More’. Scroll to the bottom and toggle the box with a red dot below of it. Repeat the same routine for the bottom row with blue boxes and the box will light up.

Level 65/ Light blue:

65: This is a time based level where an hourglass is shown. Minimize the app for at least one hour without closing it and after getting back to the game, the box will be lighted up.

Level 66/ Light blue box:

66: Pull down the notification panel from the top screen and select the notifications tab. There will be a notification from Blackbox. Shake your device in order to see more. When you’ll see “The answer: Is right next to me…”, swipe the notification left to reveal a blue button. Tap upon the blue box and it will light up.

Level 67:

67: Firstly, make sure the notifications are On and you’re not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Then wait for the minute needle to land on the red line. Minimize the app and you’ll get a notification. Tap the red button on the notification to get back to the app. There will be a blue line 30 minutes or less, away from the red line. Wait for the minute needle to reach the blue line and repeat the same steps as with the red line. The box will be lighted right after this process.

Level 68/ Purple box:

68: This level shows 4 opened apps. Double tap on the home button and then swipe up to close the Blackbox app. Open Blackbox while the first blue box should be gone. Double tap home button again and switch to another app so that Blackbox will be the second app. Double tap the home button and close the Blackbox again. Reopen Blackbox and this turn sort Blackbox as the third app. After you close Blackbox once more, the box will be lighted up as you go back to the level.

Level 69/ Pink box:

69: Open the level and minimize Blackbox. There will be a notification from Blackbox. Scroll the notification and tap on either the red or blue button. Repeat this for the remaining color and the box will light up.

Level 70/ Light pink box:

70: Within this level, swipe up the Control Center and pause the music. If you can’t swipe the Control Center you need to enable it in Settings > Control Center, and toggle access on.

Level 71/ Pink box:

71: Tap anywhere inside the level in order to create two blue circles. Tap upon the pink box into then into the hint box for once. You don’t need to reveal the hint at all actually. Just taping upon the hint box will work. Repeat the same step to make two more pink circles, then tap anywhere on the screen to make the last blue box that will light up the box.

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