Best Fiends 15 Hints and Tricks for The World’s BIGGEST Mobile Treasure Hunt

Ever played the BIGGEST puzzle game available on iOS and Android? Best Fiends is created by Seriously and has been endorsed from about every Youtuber due to it’s insanely addictive game play and unique style is the reason people keep coming back. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best 15 hints and tricks to help you in the world’s biggest mobile treasure hunt. What are you’re thoughts, Tell us below.

There’s already 40, 000,000 players and there’s a reason for that. With more than 500 levels to play through and hours upon hours of entertainment, You won’t be putting down this game anytime soon. It’s your job to enter the world of Minutia and collect these cute characters ¬†and level up your team to defeat the slugs. What are we waiting for. Here’s the Best Fiends 15 HINTS for the Worlds biggest mobile treasure hunt for iOS and Android.

Best Fiends Hints:

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