Ashi: Lake of Light Game Walkthrough

     Ashi: Lake of Light is a beautifully presented, peaceful puzzle game developed be Nicholas Cellini. In this game you need to guide a firefly home by using the candles on each level. The player must light or turn off candles in order to guide the firefly towards the right path. While this may seem easy at first, the puzzles become extremely complex after several rounds. Players must be notably patient and through careful observation and experimentation they can discover the appropriate path. Ashi: Lake of Light is a pretty entertaining game with unique and simple mechanics and it can get also much tricky from time to time.

     The game features more than 80 levels, with gradually increasing difficulty, which you have to solve through the simple one-touch controls. The puzzle game starts off slow and easy while eventually adds new mechanics for players to master as they move forward. Similar to the same developer’s recently released Up Left Out, Ashi is designed to be a relaxing and dreamy experience. The relaxation comes from the game’s great atmosphere , like its relaxing audio and calming visuals, rather than its gameplay. Ashi presents a minimalist user interface that lets you experiment at your own pace.

    The gameplay in Ashi is simple, as players only need to rotate, activate and move lanterns in order to guide their firefly to every level’s exit. The game is all about lighting and extinguishing the candles in each lantern to make sure that the firefly will make the necessary turns in the fantastic environment while listening to the pleasant soundtrack of the game. The firefly starts off moving straight. Any lighten candles that the firefly may meet would cause it to change direction. The power brightness of the candle determines how many degrees it will go off course. By lighting a candle once makes the firefly go around it at 90°. By lighting it twice makes the firefly do a 180° turn around it, and by lightning it three times makes it do a 270° turn. There are no penalties for messing up, so if you won’t feel sure whether your strategy will work out, press PLAY and see what happens. If something not appropriate happens you can always adjust the strategy you chose.

       Guide the solitary firefly through the night to the sunrise, from one part of the stage to the next by using the power of light! If you get stuck in the game, check out the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

Levels 1-10

Levels 11-75

     Ashi: Lake of Light is free and contains a few ads and in app purchases:


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