Animatronics Shadow Quiz Answers All Levels

Animatronics Shadow Quiz Answers, Solutions and walkthrough guide for all levels. This game is created by fnafwlp and comes as a free download for all iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re a fan of Five Nights at Freddys or not you’ll simply love this shadow quiz as you try and guess all the FNAF animatronics. Unless you’re a real Freddy lover you’ll struggle answering these and this is why we bring you a full walkthrough guide to each and every level and pack.

This game is perfect for your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device as it is a free download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. If you’re stuck on just one level or all of them you can use our walkthrough guide below to get all the help you need on this fun new trivia word puzzle game which is taking the world by storm.

Animatronics Shadow Quiz Answers All Levels

#1: Ennard
#2: Circusbaby
#3: Chica
#4: BB
#5: Foxy
#6: Bonnie
#7: Freddy
#8: Bidybab
#9: Mangle
#10: Freddy

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