Angry Birds Transformers Tips and Cheats

New hit game by Rovio, Angry Birds Transformers. It’s everyones favourite robots in disguise in this gallery shooting style game. Now its time for Autobirds to team up with the Deceptihogs to take down a mutual threat.

These are our Angry Birds Transformers Tips, Strategies and Tip, So you can make your way through them nasty birds.


  • Target fragile points of structures to take out multiple pigs at once – Things have changed since the original Angry Birds, Now with Angry Birds Transformers, the birds are beefed out and are able to take out the weak points easily with one shot. Even if the birds like hanging out in the annoying places. Target the weaker structures and send them tumbling down!
  • Get a good feel for each Transformer’s skills and weapons – If you want to maximise your kills in each level you will need to figure out what Transformer does what and understand its moves and shoots. Such as Optimus Prime is a fast little guy but his shots suck, Heatwave is slow but painful (Way i like it), This is  important to protect him from enemy fire.
  • Transformers will auto-shoot at an area until instructed to do otherwise –When you tap an area, the Transformer in action will fire on that sector until they’re instructed to do otherwise.
  • Prioritize shooting flying pigs – Flying pigs get up in your face until they’re disposed of. Since their persistence can cause heavy damage, make disposing of them a priority
  • Don’t forget to pop pigs in the far-off background – Each stage of Angry Birds Transformers has multiple background layers. Keep a sharp eye on the horizon to make sure you take out far-away pigs.
  • Sometimes pigs are hidden deep within structures – Seemingly still structures sometimes house hidden pigs. Shoot out glass blocks, etc, to reveal them and add to your kill count.
  • Transforming out of vehicle mode grants you a bit of momentum – Vehicle mode is necessary for scooting away from dangers like falling objects, but don’t drive too far. When you transform back into robot mode, you receive a bit of a momentum boost. In other words, don’t be afraid to exit vehicle mode before you’re totally clear of falling objects.
  • Summon partners close to enemies to produce a damaging shockwave – Phone a friend? Excellent bring them in and watch their huge shockwave entrance, this is great if you have some hard structures and for taking out big lots of birds.


Thanks to Gamezebo for the tips.

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