Ancient Surfer 2 – Tips and Review

Ancient Surfer 2 is the new game by SummerTimeStudios and is the sequel to the Ancient Surfer released about a year ago. Ancient Surfer 2 gets your heart pumping as your surf your way through the treacherous surf. SummerTimeStudios is back with there new updated game which as been polished and is looking slick as ever.

If you enjoy surfing in real life or couldn’t be bothered but looks like great fun, Then give this game a go. Ancient Surfer 2 is available in the App Store for iPhone/iPad and iPod FREE. Now lets get to the real awesome features of this game and the reason why your here, You can compete with other fellow surfers around the GLOBE in real time as you try to beat each others scores. This is done by through large-scale events like never before on a mobile phone.

Ancient Surfer 2


Wanting to know how to play? Great. Quite simple really, You are to move your player downward to gain speed and up to go slower, Though remember not only going up will slow you down obstacles that are in the way can also slow you down, So try to avoid these. Gain speed and take off out of the water and do some fully sick tricks, Don’t worry there are on screen instructions on how to complete tricks, With up to 45 tricks in total. Though if you do fall off while your doing a trick or crash into the water after your trick you will lose your points so get that landing down packed. As with any game now days there are in app purchases which will allow the player to buy things to customise their boards and clothes.

World Wide real time events are great fun and need to be tried, With prizes every week to win or even just hang with your mates, However you see it, Its great fun. However we did get bored of it and probably will not play again :P, However you maybe different and really enjoy Ancient Surfer 2. Have you played this new game? If so what are your thoughts? Do you like the real time world wide events?

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