AnagramApp Answers and Cheats All Levels

AnagramApp  – Word Anagrams Answers and Cheats for all levels and packs. Created by Quarzo Apps for both iOS and Android devices comes this insane new trivia word game which tests your knowledge on anagrams Stuck on a particular level? How well do you deal with anagrams? An Anagram is the rearranging of letters of a word to produce a brand new word. For example, Stone -> Notes. Great right? Let’s play the game and enjoy many anagrams in English. 

This game is perfect for iOS and Android devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free. If you’re stuck on a particular level then not to worry as you can use our cheats below and get to the next level with ease.

AnagramApp Cheats for All Levels

Easy Level Chapter 1

Gin, ing, ins, sin, gins, sign, sing. Ruby, bur, buy, rub, bury. Loo, los, sol, loos, oslo, solo. Alp, amp, lam, lap, map, pal, pam, lamp, palm. Emo, moe, ore, rem, roe, rom, more, rome. Eli, lei, len, lie, lin, nil, lien, line, neil, nile. Flo, fol, low, owl, flow, fowl, wolf. Flo, fog, fol, log, flog, golf. Con, inc, ion, nco, coin, icon. Fit, ifs, its, sit, fist, fits, sift.

Easy level Chapter 2

Mae, man, men, nae, nam, amen, mane, mean, name. Eli, elm, lei, mel, mil, emil, lime, mile. Hut, rut, thu, hurt, ruth, thru, thur. Aol, cal, lac, lao, ola, coal, cola. Isl, isp, lip, pis, psi, sip, lips, lisp, slip. Ace, arc, are, car, ear, era, rae, rca, rec, acre, care, race. Isl, iso, los, oil, sol, lois, oils, silo, soil. Are, awe, ear, era, rae, raw, war, ware, wear. Lye, rel, rye, yer, lyre, rely.  Eon, net, noe, not, one, ont, ten, toe, ton, eton, note, tone.

Easy level Chapter 3

 Mon, moo, ono, mono, moon. Ban, bar, bra, nab, nba, nra, ran, rna, barn, bran. Gin, ing, rig, grin, ring. Rod, door, odor, rood. Bro, orb, ore, rob, roe, boer, bore, ebro, robe. Amt, ate, atm, eat, emt, eta, mae, mat, met, met, tam, tea, mate, meat, meta, tame, team. Age, are, ear, era, erg, gar, ger, rae, rag, reg, gear, rage. Ale, hal, lea, hale, heal, leah. Int, ion, ito, nit, not, ont, tin, ton, into, toni. Net, rte, ten, rent, tern.

Easy level Chapter 4

And, dan, dea, den, dna, end, nae, ned, aden, dane, dean, dena, edna. Est, its, set, sit, ste, tie, site, ties. Leo, ole, ore, rel, roe, lore, role. Out, sot, sou, stu, uso, oust, outs. Act, ats, cat, cst, sac, sat, sta, acts, cast, cats, scat. Ate, eat, eta, hat, tea, the, hate, heat, thea. Nos, now, own, son, sow, won, owns, snow, sown. Lop, loo, plo, pol, poo, loop, polo, pool.  Bag, bar, bra, gab, gar, rag, brag, garb, grab.

Easy level Chapter 5

Abe, are, bar, bra, ear, era, rae, bare, bear, brae, reba. Ops, pus, sop, sou, sup, ups, uso, usp, opus, soup. Aol, asl, lao, las, los, oas, ola, sal, sol, also, laos. Ale, dea, del, lad, lea, led, dale, deal, lade, lead, leda. Est, set, ste, tvs, vet, vest, vets. Art, ats, rat, sat, sta, tar, arts, rats, star, tars. Eon, noe, one, ope, pen, poe, nope, open, peon, pone. Ale, asl, esl, las, lea, les, sal, sea, ales, elsa, lase, leas, lesa, sale, seal. Hop, hos, ohs, ops, sop, hops, hosp, posh, shop, soph. Moo, rom, moor, moro, room.

Easy level Chapter 6

Dst, std, stu, sty, dust, duty, stud, dusty, study. Ale, alp, ape, apr, are, ear, epa, era, lap, lea, pal, par, pea, per, rae, rap, rel, rep, earl, earp, leap, lear, pale, pare, peal, pear, perl, plea, rape, real, reap, paler, pearl, peral. Adp, ale, alp, ape, dea, del, edp, epa, lad, lap, lea, led, pad, pal, pea, aped, dale, deal, lade, lead, lead, leda, pale, peal, plea, paled, pedal, plead. Ago, gao, gar, goa, nag, nor, nra, oar, ora, org, rag, ran, rna, ron, argo, arno aron, gran, nora, oran, rang, roan, argon, groan, organ.

Ado, aid, air, dar, dir, doa, ida, ira, oar, ora, rad, dra, rid, rio, rod, arid, dior, dora, raid, road, dario, radio. Arc, arm, cam, car, chm, ham, mac, mar, rah, ram, rca, arch, char, cram, harm, mach, marc, charm, march. Abe, are, bar, bra, ear, era, rae, baez, bare, bear, brae, ezra, raze, reba, braze, zebra.

Ens, eon, est, net, noe, nos, not, one, ont, sen, set, son, sot, ste, ten, toe, ton, enos, eons, eton, nest, nets, noes, nose, note, ones, sent, snot, tens, toes, tone, tons, notes, onset, seton, steno, stone, tones. Cod, col, cud, doc, duo, lcd, ldc, lou, old, clod, cold, loud, ludo, cloud, could. Ail, ais, ali, ans, asl, ian, ila, ina, ins, isl, lan, las, lin, nil, nsa, sal, san, sin, ails, ansi, lain, lina, lisa, nail, sail, nails, slain, snail.

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