Alpaca Evolution – WTF? (Review and Tips)

Im sure since ya’ll here you’re wondering what the actual hell are you playing? Well great, We all ask ourselves the same question. In this review we hope to get you more onboard this crazy yet really addicting game. Your main achievement in Alpaca Evolution is to start out with what we all think is an ordinary Alpaca then evolves into something out of this world, Read on to find out more.

Alpaca Evolution wtf

What are the damn controls?

The gameplay of Alpaca Evolution is very simple. You want your special alpaca to evolve by absorbing other alpacas. This is done in two steps. Step 1: knock other alpacas out by tapping. Step 2: Absorb the alpaca by tapping it again. Doing this will fill your XP meter and bring the special alpaca to its next physical form. The further you evolve, the stranger the animal becomes.

How to make your creepy Alpaca evolve faster!

They say the trick to evolve your baby quickly is to leave a few in the field. As if there are none around it can take up to 1-0 minutes. But leave a few adorable Alpacas on the field they will multiply a lot faster.

Alpaca Evolution Forms of the Alpaca

It’s unknown why this alpaca has the ability to absorb the energy of its fellow alpacas or how it came to be. What we do know, is that there are 12 forms that the alpaca will take before something even more strange happens. If you make it this far in the game, you may regret ever starting.

What Happens When you Beat Alpaca Evolution?

We all agree you probably do not want to know what happens when you finish but if you can’t wait till you finish it, Check out the video below for the ending, Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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