Allo! Guess the Bird Type Trivia Answers

Stuck on Allo! Guess the Bird Type Trivia game by Top Media Marketers? We’ve solved all the levels and packs and got each answers, cheat and solution from the game. You can pick this game up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device for free. What’s this game about? It’s your goal to guess the word by using the picture as a clue.

You’re given a bunch of letters to work with but these can get extremely difficult extremely fast and this is why we’ve created a list of all the answers and cheats to Allo! Guess the Bird Type Trivia game. This game is an obvious favorite for anyone who enjoys a challenge or likes to kill boredom. Let’s jump straight into the Allo! Guess the Bird Type Trivia Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs.

Allo! Guess the Bird Type Trivia Answers:

Level 1: Bourke’s Parrot
Level 2: Galah
Level 3: Great Barbet
Level 4: Bearded Tachuri
Level 5: Humbolt Penguin
Level 6: Forster's Tern
Level 7: Dusky Antbird
Level 8: Dusky Fulvetta
Level 9: Lark Bunting
Level 10: Ashy Tailorbird

Level 11: Garden Warbler
Level 12: Terns
Level 13: Bluethroat
Level 14: Green Heron
Level 15: Pacific Loon
Level 16: Latham’s Snipe
Level 17: Swinhoe’s Snipe
Level 18: Bridled Tern
Level 19: Greylag Goose
Level 20: Hooded Tanager

Level 21: Fieldfare
Level 22: Blackstart
Level 23: Common Tern
Level 24: Plain Softtail
Level 25: Willow Warbler
Level 26: Black Bulbul
Level 27: Snail Kite
Level 28: Nazca Booby
Level 29: Capped Heron
Level 30: Northern Raven

Level 31: Myrtle Warbler
Level 32: Willet
Level 33: Silvereye
Level 34: Brown Pelican
Level 35: Black Turnstone
Level 36: Snow Goose
Level 37: Elegant Tern
Level 38: Common Swift
Level 39: Musk Lorikeet
Level 40: Sora

Level 41: Shy Albatross
Level 42: Crested Quetzal
Level 43: Arabian Warbler
Level 44: Mistletoebird
Level 45: Black Drongo
Level 46: Laughing Gull
Level 47: Collared Trogon
Level 48: Jamaican Mango
Level 49: Carrion Crow
Level 50: Burmese Shrike

Level 51: Great Kiskadee
Level 52: Great Tit
Level 53: Cuban Trogon
Level 54: Fiji Goshawk
Level 55: Western Grebe
Level 56: Common Kestrel
Level 57: Little Owl
Level 58: Common Pochard
Level 59: Little Grebe
Level 60: Greater Scaup

Level 61: Mourning Dove
Level 62: Ring Billed Gull
Level 63: Collared Inca
Level 64: Bare Legged Owl
Level 65: Plover
Level 66: Mangrove Robin
Level 67: Aztec Thrush
Level 68: Forest Elaenia
Level 69: Torrent Duck
Level 70: Brown Falcon

Level 71: Barn Owl
Level 72: Mandarin Duck
Level 73: Horned Screamer
Level 74: Fairy Martin
Level 75: Grey Partridge
Level 76: Brown Thornbill
Level 77: Highland Guan
Level 78: Bluebonnet
Level 79: Ortolan Bunting
Level 80: Pyrrhuloxia

Level 81: American Robin
Level 82: Tomtit
Level 83: Cuban Parakeet
Level 84: Brown Noddy
Level 85: Spotted Nothura
Level 86: Blue Vanga
Level 87: Plain Parakeet
Level 88: Magpie-Lark
Level 89: Common Redstart
Level 90: Barn Swallow

Level 91: Varied Sittella
Level 92: Grey Treepie
Level 93: Little Nightjar
Level 94: Mulga Parrot
Level 95: Boobook Adult
Level 96: Galapagos Dove
Level 97: European Robin
Level 98: Green Sandpiper
Level 99: Eastern Rosella
Level 100: Andean Condor

Level 101: Nankeen Kestrel
Level 102: Surf Scoter
Level 103: Mew Gull
Level 104: Field Sparrow
Level 105: Baseball
Level 106: Long-Eared Owl
Level 107: Yellow Bunting
Level 108: Snowy Egret
Level 109: Mallard
Level 110: Great Blue Heron

Level 111: Common Miner
Level 112: Brown Booby
Level 113: Squatter Pigeon
Level 114: Andean Emerald
Level 115: Scarlet Macaw
Level 116: Barred Owl
Level 117: Anhinga
Level 118: Stone Curlew
Level 119: Kori Bustard
Level 120: Yellow Oriole

Level 121: Tui
Level 122: Galapagos Hawk
Level 123: Mountain Thrush
Level 124: American Crow
Level 125: Brant Goose
Level 126: Maguari Stork
Level 127: Crimson Topaz
Level 128: Whinchat
Level 129: Giant Antpitta
Level 130: Turnab

Level 131: Chili
Level 132: Greater Kestrel
Level 133: Hooded Siskin
Level 134: Masked Shrike
Level 135: Oriental Cuckoo
Level 136: Barbary Falcon
Level 137: Garganey
Level 138: Wattled Jacana
Level 139: Lesser Cuckoo
Level 140: Starling

Level 141: Sooty Gull
Level 142: Hume's Wheatear
Level 143: Gull Billed Tern
Level 144: Red Wattlebird
Level 145: Basketball
Level 146: Corn Bunting
Level 147: American Avocet
Level 148: Common Eider
Level 149: Fox Sparrow
Level 150: Collared Lory

Level 151: Little Cuckoo
Level 152: Pearl Kite
Level 153: Tropical Boubou
Level 154: Stark's Lark
Level 155: Inca Tern
Level 156: Crested Lark
Level 157: Cassin’s Finch
Level 158: Waved Albatross

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