Allo! Guess the Basketball Star Answers

Stuck on Allo! Guess the Basketball Star game by Top Media Marketers? We’ve solved all the levels and packs and got each answers, cheat and solution from the game. You can pick this game up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device for free. What’s this game about? It’s your goal to guess the word by using the picture as a clue.

You’re given a bunch of letters to work with but these can get extremely difficult extremely fast and this is why we’ve created a list of all the answers and cheats to Allo! Guess the Basketball Star Trivia game. This game is an obvious favorite for anyone who enjoys a challenge or likes to kill boredom. Let’s jump straight into the Allo! Guess the Basketball Star Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs.

Allo! Guess the Basketball Star Answers:

Level 1: Kobe Bryant
Level 2: Kevin Garnett
Level 3: Shaquille O'neal
Level 4: Tim Duncan
Level 5: Michael Jordan
Level 6: Karl Malone
Level 7: Jerry West
Level 8: Wilt Chamberlain
Level 9: Bob Cousy
Level 10: John Havlicek
Level 11: Larry Bird
Level 12: Elvin Hayes
Level 13: Moses Malone
Level 14: Hakeem Olajuwon
Level 15: Oscar Robertson
Level 16: Bill Russell
Level 17: Dolph Schayes
Level 18: Isiah Thomas
Level 19: Charles Barkley
Level 20: Elgin Baylor

Level 21: Patrick Ewing
Level 22: Allen Iverson
Level 23: Dirk Nowitzki
Level 24: Ray Allen
Level 25: Paul Arizin
Level 26: Clyde Drexler
Level 27: Hal Greer
Level 28: Jason Kidd
Level 29: Paul Pierce
Level 30: David Robinson
Level 31: John Stockton
Level 32: George Gervin
Level 33: Lebron James
Level 34: Robert Parish
Level 35: Gary Payton
Level 36: Dwyane Wade
Level 37: Lenny Wilkens
Level 38: Dominique Wilkins
Level 39: Rick Barry
Level 40: Chris Bosh

Level 41: Vince Carter
Level 42: Dave Debusschere
Level 43: Alex English
Level 44: Larry Foust
Level 45: Bob Lanier
Level 46: Dikembe Mutombo
Level 47: Steve Nash
Level 48: Bill Sharman
Level 49: Yao Ming
Level 50: Dave Bing
Level 51: Dave Cowens
Level 52: Walt Frazier
Level 53: Harry Gallatin
Level 54: Grant Hill
Level 55: Dwight Howard
Level 56: Jerry Lucas
Level 57: Ed Macauley
Level 58: Slater Martin
Level 59: Tracy Mcgrady
Level 60: Dick Mcguire

Level 61: Kevin Mchale
Level 62: Alonzo Mourning
Level 63: Willis Reed
Level 64: Jack Sikma
Level 65: Nate Thurmond
Level 66: Chet Walker
Level 67: Jo Jo White
Level 68: James Worthy
Level 69: Carmelo Anthony
Level 70: Nate Archibald
Level 71: Larry Costello
Level 72: Adrian Dantley
Level 73: Walter Davis
Level 74: Joe Dumars
Level 75: Artis Gilmore
Level 76: Richie Guerin
Level 77: Tom Heinsohn
Level 78: Bailey Howell
Level 79: Lou Hudson
Level 80: Joe Johnson

Level 81: Neil Johnston
Level 82: Shawn Kemp
Level 83: Vern Mikkelsen
Level 84: Jermaine O'neal
Level 85: Chris Paul
Level 86: Mitch Richmond
Level 87: Amar'e Stoudemire
Level 88: Jack Twyman
Level 89: George Yardley
Level 90: Chauncey Billups
Level 91: Carl Braun
Level 92: Brad Daugherty
Level 93: Wayne Embry
Level 94: Tom Gola
Level 95: Gail Goodrich
Level 96: Cliff Hagan
Level 97: Tim Hardaway
Level 98: Dennis Johnson
Level 99: Gus Johnson
Level 100: Marques Johnson

Level 101: Sam Jones
Level 102: Rudy Larusso
Level 103: Pete Maravich
Level 104: Bob Mcadoo
Level 105: Reggie Miller
Level 106: Sidney Moncrief
Level 107: Chris Mullin
Level 108: Don Ohl
Level 109: Tony Parker
Level 110: Andy Phillip
Level 111: Gene Shue
Level 112: Rudy Tomjanovich
Level 113: Wes Unseld
Level 114: Bobby Wanzer
Level 115: Chris Webber
Level 116: Paul Westphal
Level 117: Vin Baker
Level 118: Walt Bellamy
Level 119: Otis Birdsong
Level 120: Rolando Blackman

Level 121: Tom Chambers
Level 122: Maurice Cheeks
Level 123: Doug Collins
Level 124: Billy Cunningham
Level 125: Bob Dandridge
Level 126: Bob Davies
Level 127: Kevin Durant
Level 128: Dick Garmaker
Level 129: Pau Gasol
Level 130: Johnny Green
Level 131: Penny Hardaway
Level 132: Connie Hawkins
Level 133: Spencer Haywood
Level 134: Mel Hutchins
Level 135: Bobby Jones
Level 136: Bernard King
Level 137: Bill Laimbeer
Level 138: Maurice Lucas
Level 139: Shawn Marion
Level 140: George Mikan

Level 141: Earl Monroe
Level 142: Willie Naulls
Level 143: Jim Pollard
Level 144: Mark Price
Level 145: Micheal Ray Richardson
Level 146: Arnie Risen
Level 147: Alvin Robertson
Level 148: Guy Rodgers
Level 149: Rajon Rondo
Level 150: Ralph Sampson
Level 151: Latrell Sprewell
Level 152: David Thompson
Level 153: Ben Wallace
Level 154: Rasheed Wallace
Level 155: Sidney Wicks
Level 156: Mark Aguirre
Level 157: Gilbert Arenas
Level 158: Bill Bridges
Level 159: Phil Chenier
Level 160: Terry Dischinger

Level 161: Steve Francis
Level 162: Blake Griffin
Level 163: Richard Hamilton
Level 164: Kevin Johnson
Level 165: Eddie Jones
Level 166: Bob Kauffman
Level 167: Johnny Kerr
Level 168: Bob Love
Level 169: Clyde Lovellette
Level 170: Dan Majerle
Level 171: George Mcginnis
Level 172: Jeff Mullins
Level 173: Larry Nance
Level 174: Glen Rice
Level 175: Dan Roundfield
Level 176: Brandon Roy
Level 177: Charlie Scott

That’s it for the allo! guess the basketball star answers. Head on over to this page for more games from the same developer!

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