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All Guess The Restaurant 2 Answers All Levels

All Guess the Restaurant 2 Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. All Guess the Restaurant 2 is created by the guys over at ICON, Who also brought us the first iteration of this game and many more addicting quiz games, So you know this isn’t going to let us down. All Guess the Restaurant 2 is game where you will need to guess what logo is being shown but there’s a twist, They’re covered. You can reveal the logo however you’ll lose coins, These coins can also help you solve the level however you do run out quite easy and this is why we’ve got you covered with the full walkthrough of All Guess the Restaurant 2, Just released. 

You can download All Guess the Restaurant 2 from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices completely free. Put your knowledge to the test and guess all 250 logos, Either it be from TV, Video Games, Movies, Magazines and real life. Enough of this stalling nonsense, Let’s dive into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all All Guess the Restaurant 2 Levels.

Levels 1 – 130 Answers

Level 1: Subway
Level 2: Pizza Hut
Level 3: Kfc
Level 4: Starbucks
Level 5: Mcdonalds
Level 6: Chipotle
Level 7: Dunkin Donuts
Level 8: Panera Bread
Level 9: Chilis
Level 10: Burger King

Level 11: Dominos Pizza
Level 12: Wendys
Level 13: Dairy Queen
Level 14: Olive Garden
Level 15: Krispy Kreme
Level 16: Cpk
Level 17: Chick Fil a
Level 18: Applebees
Level 19: Panda Express
Level 20: The Mad Greek

Level 21: Crown Burgers
Level 22: Taco Bell
Level 23: Caribou Coffee
Level 24: Blimpie
Level 25: Red Lobster
Level 26: Sonic
Level 27: Little Caesars
Level 28: Red Robin
Level 29: Ihop
Level 30: Dennys

Level 31: Quiznos Sub
Level 32: Au Bon Pain
Level 33: Hardees
Level 34: Boston Pizza
Level 35: Jimmy Johns
Level 36: Five Guys
Level 37: Jollibee
Level 38: The Keg
Level 39: Round Table
Level 40: Brioche Doree

Level 41: Carls Jr
Level 42: Tcby
Level 43: Cook Door
Level 44: Booster Juice
Level 45: Togos
Level 46: Nathans Famous
Level 47: Baja Fresh
Level 48: Noodle Box
Level 49: Max Hamburgers
Level 50: Boston Market

Level 51: Ground Round
Level 52: Ruby Tuesday
Level 53: Pita Pit
Level 54: Firehouse Subs
Level 55: Go Loco
Level 56: Eddie Vs
Level 57: Buca Di Beppo
Level 58: Carvel
Level 59: Popeyes
Level 60: Taco Time

Level 61: Smoothie King
Level 62: Waffle House
Level 63: Goodcents Subs
Level 64: Arctic Circle
Level 65: Quick
Level 66: Rallys
Level 67: Lj Silvers
Level 68: Nandos
Level 69: Culvers
Level 70: Bojangles

Level 71: Hooters
Level 72: Carrabbas
Level 73: Macaroni Grill
Level 74: Fazolis
Level 75: Jolly Grubber
Level 76: Marcos Pizza
Level 77: Halo Burger
Level 78: Papa Murphys
Level 79: Sizzler
Level 80: Smashburger

Level 81: Friendlys
Level 82: Nordsee
Level 83: Harveys
Level 84: White Castle
Level 85: Sconecutter
Level 86: Mortons
Level 87: Famous Daves
Level 88: Pret a Manger
Level 89: Little Chef
Level 90: Chuck E Cheeses

Level 91: Cinnabon
Level 92: La Madeleine
Level 93: Hungry Horse
Level 94: Chiquito
Level 95: Greggs
Level 96: Texas Roadhouse
Level 97: Easypizza
Level 98: Bella Italia
Level 99: Pizzaexpress
Level 100: Orange Julius

Level 101: Runza
Level 102: Yum Yum Donuts
Level 103: Telepizza
Level 104: Golden Chick
Level 105: Copelands
Level 106: Port of Subs
Level 107: Cocos Bakery
Level 108: Manchu Wok
Level 109: Nuway
Level 110: El Taco Tote

Level 111: Taco Mayo
Level 112: Eegees
Level 113: Captain Ds
Level 114: Steak Escape
Level 115: Beefeater
Level 116: Mr Hero
Level 117: Showmars
Level 118: Wingstop
Level 119: Jreck Subs
Level 120: Chicken Licken

Level 121: Spangles
Level 122: Tops Pizza
Level 123: Marrybrown
Level 124: The Purple Cow
Level 125: Big Boy
Level 126: Happi House
Level 127: El Pollo Loco
Level 128: Hungry Jacks
Level 129: Mighty Taco
Level 130: Jasons Deli

Thanks for checking out the first 130 levels of X All Guess The Restaurant 2, Please click the next page button below or the numbers to continue to the next 119 levels. See you on the next page!


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