Stuck on the Album Cover Quiz Answers and Cheats? We’ve solved all the possible levels to bring you this full walkthrough game guide to help you solve each and every pack and level. If you enjoy Haavard Moland other games the than you might enjoy this new trivia game. Challenge yourself with over 100 difficult yet fun levels to sink your heart into, Time to guess the Album Cover Quiz: Guess the Rock Band Name, From artists like Pearl Jam to Green Day and every in between. Are you a true rock legend?

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Album Cover Quiz Answers All Levels

Album Cover Quiz: Guess the Rock Band Name Levels 1-15

#1: Nirvana
#2: Pearl Jame
#3: Dire Straits
#4: Foo Fighters
#5: Guns n Roses
#6: Marilyn Manson
#7: Korn
#8: Pantera
#9: Green Day
#10: Alice in Chains
#11: Audioslave
#12: Deep Purple
#13: Iron Maiden
#14: Meat Loaf
#15: Radiohead

Album Cover Quiz: Guess the Rock Band Name Levels 16-30

#16: ZZ Top
#17: Van Halen
#18: Metallica
#19: Pink Floyd
#20: Soundgarden
#21: Live
#22: Evanescence
#23: Dream Theater
#24: Guns n Roses