for iOS and Android – Walkthrough, Cheats and Review HAS COME TO MOBILE. Ever played the hit game on your desktop? Simply loved every second of it? Want more? Yes Yes Yes. is a hugely fun and addicting game that will have you on the edge of your seat every second you play it, Don’t blame us if you download it! is the Miniclip phenomenon that was recently only available to play on desktop and left those wanting to play it while on the go or on a touchscreen in the dust. But the wait is over and is now OFFICIALLY (We’re looking at you HACKS) available on iOS for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or later and also playable on most Android devices. ios

You have one task and that one task is to survive as long as you can while other cells try and eat you ALIVE!! but its also your goal to eat the tinier cells. How long can you survive as you FLOW (Get it? Blood cells, flows? 🙁 I’ll leave) your way to the top in order to be the biggest cell in the game.

Farmillar to the popular desktop controls? Chuck all that knowledge into the bin, offers ‘Specially developed’ touchscreen controls for those smart things you people call phones. Now lets stop this nonsense and grab now and grow your cell in this free to play action game as you find secrets and dodging tactics to avoid or possibly eat those baby cells. What are your thoughts on

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Walkthrough and Cheats coming soon!
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