A Ace Dog Breeds? Quiz Answers All Levels

A Ace Dog Breeds? Quiz Up Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. A Ace Dog Breeds? is developed by the one and only Muhammed Hassan, Creator of many great and addicting trivia games which will keep you addicted for hours upon hours. From a beautiful crafted up to down right fun gameplay, What’s not to love?

A Ace Dog Breeds? is available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices free. How well do you know your dog breeds? This is the perfect trivia game for any dog lover or dog trainers out there who are just wanting to put their knowledge to the test.

How’s your results stack up? How far did you complete without our help ;)? Tell us below. Let’s jump into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the A Ace Dog Breeds? Quiz Up Game.


Level 1: Mastiff
Level 2: Labrador
Level 3: Rottweiler
Level 4: Leonberger
Level 5: Vizslas
Level 6: Poodle
Level 7: Whippets
Level 8: Saint Bernard
Level 9: Rhodesian
Level 10: Pug

Level 11: Doberman
Level 12: Great Dane
Level 13: Lhasa Apso
Level 14: Pitbull
Level 15: Maltese
Level 16: Schipperke
Level 17: Weimaraner
Level 18: Samoyed
Level 19: Pekingese
Level 20: Shih Tzu

Level 21: Pomeranian
Level 22: Papillons
Level 23: Newfoundland
Level 24: Basenjis
Level 25: Bichon Frise
Level 26: Cane Corso
Level 27: Akita
Level 28: Beagle
Level 29: Boxer
Level 30: Bernese Mountain

Level 31: Collie
Level 32: Bull Terrier
Level 33: Border Collie
Level 34: Dalmatian
Level 35: Airedale Terrier
Level 36: Bullmastiff
Level 37: Borzois
Level 38: Dachshund
Level 39: French Bulldog
Level 40: Basset Hound

Level 41: Cairn Terrier
Level 42: Bulldog
Level 43: Chihuahua
Level 44: Chow Chow

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