94% Types Of Boats – All Answers

94% Types of Boats Answers, Cheats and Walkthrough. 94% is simply one of the best puzzle/trivia games on the App Store to date, With its amazing UI to the extremely addictive gameplay its sure hard to pass up. 94% was developed by the guys over at Scimob, The guys who broughtus 94degrees. How do you play? Well quite simple really, You are given a keyword/topic and you are to guess popular things associated to it, A bit like that show Family Feud.

You can check this game out from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices from their respective app stores for completely free. We hope we provide you with a simple and very understandable way of obtaining answers to help you through those stressful games.

94% Types of Boats Answers:

Fishing Boat
Cruise Ship
Pontoon Boat
Speed Boat

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