94%: Toys for Boys – All Answers

94% Toys for Boys Cheats, Answers and Solutions. AppCheating your daily guide for all your app ‘assisting’ needs. 94% has taken the App world by storm with such a simple but amazingly addictive gameplay 94% is one interesting and fun game that you simplycan’t put down. Grab the answers to this level and many more from AppCheating completely free.

94% can be downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device right now from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store completely free. Scimob the guys who brought us this damn fun game regularly update giving 94% new life as well as great fun for all of us waiting for a bus or simply want something to play while going to bed. Now lets scurry on over to the 94% Toys for Boys Answers, Solutions and cheats.

94% Toys for Boys Answers

  • Bikes 2%
  • Trains 5%
  • Video Games 5%
  • Guns 7%
  • Legos 7%
  • Action Figures 12%
  • Balls 14%
  • Cars 42%


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