94% Girl Exercising Picture Answers

94%: The Zoo (Level 234) – Answers and Solutions

94% Level 234 The Zoo and Types of Closures On Clothing Answers, Solutions and Cheats. 94% is a game developed by the guys over at Scimob offering a fun and addictive gameplay to all the folks that appreciate a great game. 94% has taken the iOS, Android and Windows communities bystorm offering a simple and time wasting game that will either make you rage frequently or just enjoy yourself.

94% is similar to the fun family game show ‘Family Feud’ as 94% surveys 100 people and get the top responses for the questions answered, In this case ‘Things found in a bedroom’ Whats the first thing that pops into your head? Bed? Clothes? You’ll just have to wait and see ;).

Now lets get to the Level 235 The Zoo and Types of Closures on Clothing Solutions, Cheats and Answers.

94% The Zoo Answers

10% Monkey
23% Lion
8% Zebra
8% Fun
12% Cages
11% Elephant
11% Tiger
7% Kids
4% Zookeeper

94% Types of Closures on Clothing Answers

9% Velcro
35% Zipper
7% Tie
6% Snap
31% Button
4% Clasp
2% Hook

24% Bottles
21% Rubbish
21% Recycle
28% Plastic

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