94%: The Jungle – All Answers

94% is like your favorite friend, Its fun to play yet totally annoying, Or is that just me? Maybe I’m the annoying one.. 94% The Jungle is the latest in the 94% line up of hella addicting games. This pack was a fun one to play and we’re a little surprised you’re here but glad in a way ;). 94% can be downloaded for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices now for free! 94% was created by the guys over at Scimob who also brought us 94 Degress and 94 Seconds.

Now lets scurry on over to the 94% Answers, Cheats and Solutions for The Jungle Pack!

94% The Jungle Answers

  • Animals
  • Trees
  • Rain
  • Green
  • Wild
  • Tarzan

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