94% Something Sold on Infomercials Answer

Answers, Cheats and Solutions to 94% Something Sold on Infomercials created by Scimob, Who’s the genius behind ‘Word Academy’ and the new ‘Pic the Words‘. With the newly released levels from the May 2016 update comes all these new and exciting quests to get you through those boring times of life. Now available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free.

Want to get a hold of 94%, 94 Percent? Do a quick search in your respective app store and grab the insanely addictive trivia game thats taken the gaming world by storm. Similar to ‘Family Feud’ 94% takes players on the same journey in which a clue is given and it’s your job to guess what associated with it. Hard? Extremely, Fun? Extremely.

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Now you’re just wanting the 94% Something Sold on Infomercials answers right? Well what are we waiting for let’s dive straight into the answers, cheats and solutions to the 94% Something Sold on Infomercials Level.

94% Answers:

Cleaning Products
Exercise Equipment
Hair Products

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