94% Camera Picture Answers

Stuck on 94% Camera Picture? We’ve solved all the levels to the 94% Camera Picture including the Answers, Cheats, Solutions and walkthrough for the hit quiz game created by Scimob. You can pick up 94 Percent from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free.

Similar to the hit TV Show ‘Family Feud’ 94 PERCENT is a game in which a group of people are quizzed on a selected phrase and whatever comes to their mind first determines the answer/s. What comes to your head when you think of ‘Mobile’ Talk? Text? Games?
Think you’re ready to take on the 94% game? We’ve solved every level to the hit game wonder that’s taken both the iTunes App Store and Google Play store by storm. Let’s dive straight into the 94% Camera Picture answers, Cheats and Solutions to this fun level.

94% Camera Picture Answers:

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