4 Words – Answers for Level 38

4 words

4 Words Image Association Game Level 38 Answers, Cheats and Solutions. 4 Words is a totally fun puzzle game which will get you hooked the second you play. With 40+ levels 4 Words is a game which will keep you busy for hours. We know how how hard these trivia games can get so we’ve compiled a list below with all the 4 Words Level 38 Answers. You can pick 4 Words up for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device.

We know you want to get straight into the answers so lets stop this nonsense and lets get into the 4 Words Level 38 Answers, Cheats and Solutions now.

4 Words Level 38 Answers:

Level 38-1: Nimble
Level 38-2: Holy
Level 38-3: Double
Level 38-4: Quit
Level 38-5: Background
Level 38-6: Continue
Level 38-7: Solve
Level 38-8: Color
Level 38-9: Brow
Level 38-10: Culture
Level 38-11: Multiply
Level 38-12: Steer
Level 38-13: Rind
Level 38-14: Tether
Level 38-15: Quake
Level 38-16: Flash
Level 38-17: Pursue
Level 38-18: Blank
Level 38-19: Previous
Level 38-20: Wallet

Level 38-21: Dark
Level 38-22: Fish
Level 38-23: Import
Level 38-24: Dismiss
Level 38-25: Portent
Level 38-26: Most
Level 38-27: Cut
Level 38-28: Sugar
Level 38-29: Stark
Level 38-30: Quiver
Level 38-31: Stick
Level 38-32: Precious
Level 38-33: Eschew
Level 38-34: Whip
Level 38-35: Slack
Level 38-36: Steak
Level 38-37: Eraser
Level 38-38: Sandwich
Level 38-39: Applause
Level 38-40: Return

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