4 Words – Answers for Level 18

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4 Words Level 18 Answers, Cheats and all Solutions from the hit game developed by MochiBits. 4 Words is a fun new image word association game which will be a great time killer as you’ll play this for many hours. You can pick up 4 Words from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. We all know how hard these trivia games can get so this is why we’ve created a list below including the 4 Words Level 18 Answers and the other 40+ answers which are available on AppCheating.

Lets dive into the 4 Words Level 18 Answers, Cheats and Solutions for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices now.

4 Words Level 18 Answers:

Level 18-1: Currency
Level 18-2: Glow
Level 18-3: Girl
Level 18-4: Blog
Level 18-5: Submerge
Level 18-6: Ocean
Level 18-7: Save
Level 18-8: Shuffle
Level 18-9: Handle
Level 18-10: Bargain
Level 18-11: Gridlock
Level 18-12: Criminal
Level 18-13: Dead
Level 18-14: Prayer
Level 18-15: Hybrid
Level 18-16: Vanish
Level 18-17: Funeral
Level 18-18: Curtains
Level 18-19: Dusk
Level 18-20: Sports

Level 18-21: Pocket
Level 18-22: Sun
Level 18-23: Failure
Level 18-24: Fortunate
Level 18-25: Mark
Level 18-26: Correct
Level 18-27: Tear
Level 18-28: Stumble
Level 18-29: Prick
Level 18-30: Identify
Level 18-31: Pick
Level 18-32: Discharge
Level 18-33: Safe
Level 18-34: Made
Level 18-35: Summer
Level 18-36: Attack
Level 18-37: Flesh
Level 18-38: Differ
Level 18-39: Anatomy
Level 18-40: Handcuff

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