2 Photo Clues Answers and Cheats All Levels

2 Photos Level 24 Answers:

1. Traveller
2. Luggage
3. the Term Is Also Often Used to Describe Airport Aprons :tarmacadam the Structure of Bones: Skeleton
4. Sundial
5. Pumpkin
6. a Written Set of Questions: Questionnaire
7. Conch
8. Male
9. a Substance Especially Important in People for Strong Healthy Bones: Calcium
10. Cascade
11. Taproot
12. a Device That Is Used to Control the Flow of Water: Faucet
13. Reflection
14. Forest
15. the Early Part of the Day: Morning
16. Nuts
17. Tide
18. a Flat Area Created on the Side of a Hill:terrace
19. Wedding
20. Hat

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