2 Photo Clues Answers and Cheats All Levels

2 Photos Level 23 Answers:

1. Fuselage
2. Palace
3. a Hot Tub with Underwater Jets That Massage the Body: Jacuzzi
4. Modern
5. Monster
6. Plants That Lack Chlorophyll and Include Molds, Rusts, Mildews, Smuts, Mushrooms, and Yeasts: Fungus
7. Airport
8. Talisman
9. a Hybrid Between a Horse and a Donkey: Mule
10. Desert
11. Caravan
12. a Cupboard or Cabinet That Has a Door Which Can Be Locked: Locker
13. Net
14. Solitude
15. the Act of Carefully Watching Someone: Surveillance
16. Sand
17. Stairs
18. Between the Head and the Shoulders: Neck
19. Wheel
20. Holidays

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