2 Photo Clues Answers and Cheats All Levels

2 Photos Level 22 Answers:

1. Lynx
2. Peas
3. Any of Numerous Mostly Marine Cartilaginous Fishes of Medium to Large Size That Have a Fusiform Body: Shark
4. Sauna
5. Halloween
6. the Opening Through Which Food Passes Into the Body: Mouth
7. Rosemary
8. Nettle
9. the Quality or State of Being Loyal: Loyalty
10. Flower
11. Law
12. a Long Narrow Boat That Is Pointed At Both Ends and That Is Moved By a Paddle with Two Blades: Kayak
13. Wind
14. Parkour
15. the Condition of Having a Right to Have, Do, or Get Something: Entitlement
16. Louvre
17. Edge
18. a Person Who Works on a Boat or Ship As Part of the Crew: Sailor
19. Aerostat
20. Silhouette

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