2 Photo Clues Answers and Cheats All Levels

2 Photos Level 21 Answers:

1. Dawn
2. Camping
3. Something That Protects an Animal From Attack By Making the Animal Difficult to See in the Area Around It: Camouflage
4. Airship
5. Safari
6. a System of Lines, Wires, Etc., That Are Connected to Each Other: Network
7. Keys
8. Harness
9. a Type of Animal That Lives in Trees in South and Central America and That Moves Very Slowly: Sloth
10. Spicy
11. Masonry
12. a Musical Instrument: Guitar
13. Autumn
14. Pasture
15. One of the 24 Equal Parts of a Day: Hour
16. Sport
17. Aquarium
18. Female Offspring Especially of Human Parents: Daughter
19. Rust
20. Owl

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