Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Pro Answers All Levels

  • Need help solving the Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Pro Answers, Cheats or Solutions? We’ve got all the help you could possibly need when answering any trivia game on the iOS and Android stores. Created by Navid Hasan, Creator of many other insanely addictive games, Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Pro is a must-have for any Wrestling enthusiast. If you’ve heard enough and haven’t picked up the game then head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

    Let’s put your WWE knowledge to the with this addicting trivia quiz game that’s free and a great time waster. If you’re ready to get the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs for Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Pro, Then let’s begin.

    Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Pro Answers:

    Level 1: Undertaker
    Level 2: The Rock
    Level 3: John Cena
    Level 4: Paige
    Level 5: Bautista
    Level 6: Stone Cold
    Level 7: Trish Stratus
    Level 8: Triple H
    Level 9: Kane
    Level 10: Big Show

    Level 11: Shawn Michaels
    Level 12: Edge
    Level 13: Goldberg
    Level 14: Kurt Angle
    Level 15: Lita
    Level 16: Randy Orton
    Level 17: Chris Jericho
    Level 18: Hulk Hogan
    Level 19: Jeff Hardy
    Level 20: Rob Van Dam

    Level 21: Stacy Keibler
    Level 22: Mick Foley
    Level 23: Rey Mysterio
    Level 24: Chris Benoit
    Level 25: Daniel Bryan
    Level 26: Rowdy
    Level 27: Ric Flair
    Level 28: Booker T
    Level 29: Arn Anderson
    Level 30: Goldust

    Level 31: Dean Ambrose
    Level 32: Torrie Wilson
    Level 33: Sheamus
    Level 34: Aj Lee
    Level 35: Christian
    Level 36: Dolph Ziggler
    Level 37: Antonio Cesaro
    Level 38: Seth Rollins
    Level 39: Matt Hardy
    Level 40: Gail Kim

    Level 41: Jerry Lawler
    Level 42: Shelton Benjamin
    Level 43: Victoria
    Level 44: John Layfield
    Level 45: Scott Steiner
    Level 46: Ryback
    Level 47: Mark Henry
    Level 48: Kevin Nash
    Level 49: Chyna
    Level 50: Kofi Kingston

    Level 51: Cody Rhodes
    Level 52: Bobby Lashley
    Level 53: Rikishi
    Level 54: Roman Reigns
    Level 55: The Miz
    Level 56: Mickie James
    Level 57: Jimmy Uso
    Level 58: Khali
    Level 59: Sting
    Level 60: Mr Mcmahon

    Level 61: Ken Shamrock
    Level 62: Carlito
    Level 63: Kevin Owens
    Level 64: Brie Bella
    Level 65: Melina
    Level 66: Nicole Garcia
    Level 67: Natalya
    Level 68: William Regal
    Level 69: Beth Phoenix
    Level 70: Adrian Neville

    Level 71: Bray Wyatt
    Level 72: Ken Anderson
    Level 73: John Morrison
    Level 74: Wade Barrett
    Level 75: Alberto Del Rio
    Level 76: Road Dogg
    Level 77: Ron Killings
    Level 78: Michelle Mccool
    Level 79: Ultimate Warrior
    Level 80: Billy Gunn

    Level 81: Sable
    Level 82: Layla
    Level 83: Alicia Fox
    Level 84: Terri Runnels
    Level 85: Molly Holly
    Level 86: Sabu
    Level 87: Lisa Moretti
    Level 88: Billy Kidman
    Level 89: Charlie Haas
    Level 90: Nikki Bella

    Level 91: Dlo Brown
    Level 92: Mankind
    Level 93: Randy Savage
    Level 94: James Storm
    Level 95: Ultimo Dragon
    Level 96: Vader
    Level 97: Tiger Mask
    Level 98: Summer Rae
    Level 99: Sin Cara
    Level 100: Mr America


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