WordBrain Turtle Pack Answers

  • Quack Quack, Wait what? Thats not the sound a Turtle makes. Are we drunk? Sureeee. We’re upto the Turtle Pack for the hit game WordBrain which is a game which is aight for the whole family ;). WordBrain now available to download

    from the iOS iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and many Android Devices on the Google Play Store.

    WordBrain was created by MAG Interactive and is a seriously addicting puzzle game. What are we waiting for? Lets get to the WordBrain Turtle Pack Answers.


    1. Heart Dice
    2. Fish Beard
    3. Candle Fan
    4. Box Barrel
    5. Dice Empty
    6. South Lamp
    7. Mince Mail
    8. Bell Straw
    9. Doctor Elk
    10. Tail Mince
    11. Mouth Cart
    12. Yacht Shin
    13. Milk Beard
    14. Peach Dart
    15. Dart Onion
    16. Soap Knife
    17. Nail Elbow
    18. Steak Comb
    19. Swan Angle
    20. Stairs Jug

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