WordBrain Themes Answers and Cheats for All Levels

  • WordBrain Themes Answers, Cheats and Solutions to ALL levels and Packs. If you’re stuck on the hit new word game, We’ve got you covered with all the answers you could possible want. The game app features more than 570 level to solve, divided into 77 themes. The app is created by MAG Interactive. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play App Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices.

    Each Word Brain puzzle has a unique theme that hints to which words are hiding on the board. There are 5 word puzzles per theme . Enjoy our Wordbrain Themes Cheats. Let’s dive into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all WordBrain Themes packs and levels.


    Word Newbie
    Wordbrain Themes – Food
    Level 1: Cake
    Level 2: Meat
    Level 3: Fish
    Level 4: Nuts
    Level 5: Taco

    Wordbrain Themes – Animal
    Level 1: Frog
    Level 2: Lion
    Level 3: Bull
    Level 4: Deer
    Level 5: Goat

    Word Trainee
    Wordbrain Themes – At Home
    Level 1: Shower
    Level 2: Carpet
    Level 3: Window
    Level 4: Mirror
    Level 5: Toilet

    Wordbrain Themes – In The City
    Level 1: Subway
    Level 2: People
    Level 3: Street
    Level 4: Market
    Level 5: Museum

    Word Apprentice
    Wordbrain Themes – On The Farm
    Level 1: Egg, Farmer
    Level 2: Hay, Stable
    Level 3: Cow, Carrot
    Level 4: Hen, Barley
    Level 5: Dog, Cattle

    Wordbrain Themes – At The Beach
    Level 1: Wave, Coast
    Level 2: Towel, Ball
    Level 3: Bikini, Hat
    Level 4: Shell, Sand
    Level 5: Ocean, Wind

    Wordbrain Themes – In The Ocean
    Level 1: Fish, Whale
    Level 2: Tuna, Shark
    Level 3: Sand, Coral
    Level 4: Island, Eel
    Level 5: Jelly, fish

    Wordbrain Themes – Transport
    Level 1: Car, Subway
    Level 2: Bus, Segway
    Level 3: Van, Tandem
    Level 4: Taxi, Ferry
    Level 5: Bike, Truck

    Wordbrain Themes Answers – In The Kitchen
    Level 1: Spoon, Fork
    Level 2: Fridge, Jar
    Level 3: Cup, Garter
    Level 4: Bowl, Plate
    Level 5: Sink, Fryer

    Word Pupil
    Wordbrain Themes Answers – Office
    Level 1: Pen, Coffee
    Level 2: Boss, Paper
    Level 3: Chair, Desk
    Level 4: Table, Room
    Level 5: Mouse, Note

    Wordbrain Themes – Camping
    Level 1: Nature, Hat
    Level 2: Tent, Kayak
    Level 3: Fire, Knife
    Level 4: Snake, Lake
    Level 5: Canoe, Rope

    Wordbrain Themes – Entertainment
    Level 1: Show, Stage
    Level 2: Game, Magic
    Level 3: Sitcom, Fun
    Level 4: Dance, Play
    Level 5: Joy, Comedy

    Word Natural
    Wordbrain Themes – In The Air
    Level 1: Rocket, Owl, Jet, Wasp
    Level 2: Blimp, Balloon, Hawk
    Level 3: Superman, Eagle Bat
    Level 4: Duck, Zeppelin, Crow
    Level 5: Aircraft, Airplane

    Wordbrain Themes – Sports
    Level 1: Karate, Hockey, Sumo
    Level 2: Boxing, Yoga, Trophy
    Level 3: Curling, Pool, Rugby
    Level 4: Football, Baseball
    Level 5: Lacrosse, Judo, Golf

    Wordbrain Themes – Clothes
    Level 1: Blouse, Shoe, Collar
    Level 2: Fur, Scarf, Vest, Belt
    Level 3: Top, Glove, Dress, Bra
    Level 4: Sweater, Socks, Cuff
    Level 5: Blazer, Sandal, Boot

    Wordbrain Themes – Sweets
    Level 1: Jelly, Marzipan,Pie
    Level 2: Fudge, Molasses, Jam
    Level 3: Flan, Cookie, Sundae
    Level 4: Pudiing, Honey, Mint
    Level 5: Snack, Sorbet, Syrup

    Word Talent
    Wordbrain Themes – Fruits & Berries
    Level 1: Kiwi, Plum, Prune, Fig
    Level 2: Cherry, Date, Papaya
    Level 3: Melon, Pear, Coconut
    Level 4: Lemon, Berry, Orange
    Level 5: Grape, Apricot, Lime

    Wordbrain Themes – Occupations
    Level 1: Lawyer, Plumber, Spy
    Level 2: Priest, Artist, Poet
    Level 3: Fireman, Chef, Nurse
    Level 4: Engineer, Reporter
    Level 5: Producer, Musician

    Wordbrain Themes – Countries
    Level 1: Croatia, France, Usa
    Level 2: Korea, Spain, Cyprus
    Level 3: Uganda, Cuba, Poland
    Level 4: Peru, Cambodia, Iraq
    Level 5: Ethiopia, Barbados

    Wordbrain Themes – Music
    Level 1: Choir, Rock, Concert
    Level 2: Singer, Disco, Samba
    Level 3: Salsa, Vinyl, Record
    Level 4: Album, Blues, Pop, Rap
    Level 5: Soul, Punk, Funk, Folk

    Word Savant
    Wordbrain Themes – Crime
    Level 1: Prison, Lethal, Jail
    Level 2: Deputy, Abuse, Steal
    Level 3: Officer, Jury, Bribe
    Level 4: Policy, Fraud, Drugs
    Level 5: Criminal, Legal, Law

    Wordbrain Themes – Technology
    Level 1: Online, Clock, Video
    Level 2: Robot, Math, Battery
    Level 3: Keyboard, Chat, Lamp
    Level 4: Radio, Switch, Laser
    Level 5: Data, Pixel, Circuit

    Wordbrain Themes – Drinks
    Level 1: Mocha, Tea, Beer, Chai
    Level 2: Cider, Schnapps, Ale
    Level 3: Espresso, Lemonade
    Level 4: Latte, Tonic, Brandy
    Level 5: Punch, Cola, Rooibos

    Wordbrain Themes – Instruments
    Level 1: Piano, Guitar, Flute
    Level 2: Trombone, Horn, Lute
    Level 3: Organ, Piccolo, Harp
    Level 4: Banjo, Sitar, Violin
    Level 5: Drums, Maracas, Oboe

    Word Expert
    Wordbrain Themes – Sci-Fi
    Level 1: Space, Probe, Galaxy
    Level 2: Tense, Nuclear, Beam
    Level 3: Alien, Quest, Planet
    Level 4: Humanoid, Wormhole
    Level 5: Robot, Movie, Future

    Wordbrain Themes – School
    Level 1: Test, Notebook, Teen
    Level 2: Computer, Map, Chalk
    Level 3: Child, Quiz, Library
    Level 4: Kid, Homework, Globe
    Level 5: Book, English, Pupil

    Wordbrain Themes – Coffee
    Level 1: Filter, Water, Beans
    Level 2: Bitter, Milk, Brazil
    Level 3: Irish, Barista, Cafe
    Level 4: Robusta, Cream, Drip
    Level 5: Roastery, Colombia

    Wordbrain Themes – Science
    Level 1: School, Formula, Ohma
    Level 2: Division, Flask, Sum
    Level 3: Doctor, Volume, Gene
    Level 4: Newton, Report, Mass
    Level 5: Lab, Research, Delta

    Word Professional
    Wordbrain Themes – In The North
    Level 1: Polaris, Cold, Husky
    Level 2: Svalbard, Snow, Bear
    Level 3: Skates, Halibut, Elk
    Level 4: Finland, Kodiak, Ice
    Level 5: Snowman, Frost, Sami

    Wordbrain Themes – Movies
    Level 1: Horror, Remake, Mute
    Level 2: Footage, Sequel, Pan
    Level 3: Fame, Camera, Screen
    Level 4: Title, Credit, Actor
    Level 5: Shot, Shoot, Actress

    Wordbrain Themes – Party
    Level 1: Food, Friend, Pyjama
    Level 2: Happy, Feast, Social
    Level 3: Summer, Night, Guest
    Level 4: Music, Drink, Fiesta
    Level 5: Birthday, Cocktail

    Wordbrain Themes – War
    Level 2 – Flee Carrier Flank
    Level 3 – Gun, Crisis, Abandon

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