WordBrain Snail Pack Answers

  • Ugh, Whats that slime? Welcome aboard the Snail Pack for WordBrain. This crazy level is a fun yet annoyingly hard one at that.¬†WordBrain now available to download

    from the iOS iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and many Android Devices on the Google Play Store.

    WordBrain was created by MAG Interactive and is a seriously addicting puzzle game. What are we waiting for? Lets get to the WordBrain Snail Pack Answers.


    1. Doll Slide
    2. Kayak Duck
    3. Cheese Fan
    4. Pigsty Fly
    5. No Eyeball
    6. Candle Bed
    7. Beard Meat
    8. Lemon Face
    9. Egg Tennis
    10. Castle Tin
    11. Book Elbow
    12. Skis Snail
    13. Jam Puzzle
    14. Mince File
    15. Tug Target
    16. Odd Carrot
    17. Petal Sock
    18. Thin Wheel
    19. Gun Paddle
    20. Cart Happy

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