WordBrain Answers All Level Packs 3

  • This is the third page full of WordBrain Answers including but not limited to Pig, Lion, Squirrel, Owl, Monkey, Student, Clown, Waiter, Policemen and Chef. This is a big page so enjoy it :). May lag your smartphone a little bit, Give it time to load. Anyway below we have a directory and beneath that the answers.


    WordBrain Answers Page 1: Ant/Spider/Snail/Crab/Frog/Turtle/Penguin – Levels
    WordBrain Answers Page 2: Snake/Sheep/Shark/Cat/Elephant/Whale/Octopus – Levels
    WordBrain Answers Page 3: Pig/Lion/Squirrel/Owl/Monkey/Student/Clown/Waiter/Policemen/Chef
    WordBrain Answers Page 4: Teacher/Doctor/Astronaut/Scientist/Alien/


    WordBrain Answers Pig Level Pack:
    Pig Level 1: File, Smoke, Compass, Saw, Teapot
    Pig Level 2: Trowel, Pear, Mountain, Kick, Tin
    Pig Level 3: Dominoes, Silo, Stripe, Shallow
    Pig Level 4: Saucepan, Oval, Smell, Suitcase
    Pig Level 5: South, Wing, Panties, Moon, Shoes
    Pig Level 6: Nurse, Pie, Potato, Floor, Stripe
    Pig Level 7: Maze, Swan, Mince, Arrow, Ladybug
    Pig Level 8: Iceberg, Field, Well, Socks, Meat
    Pig Level 9: Doorbell, Hammer, Japan, Ask, Saw
    Pig Level 10: Shield, Starfish, Bottle, Boots
    Pig Level 11: Chainsaw, Sandpit, Face, Orange
    Pig Level 12: Elbow, Shallow, Overbite, Scale
    Pig Level 13: Elephant, Monster, Celery, Book
    Pig Level 14: Shin, Pig Levelsty, Cufflink, Chimney
    Pig Level 15: Shorts, Vampire, Scooter, Crack
    Pig Level 16: Fang, Picture, Maze, Pencil, Stop
    Pig Level 17: Field, Punch, Stilts, Dog, Aerial
    Pig Level 18: Cow, Scissors, Rocket, Windmill
    Pig Level 19: Starfish, Elevator, Doll, Mouse
    Pig Level 20: Pirate, Globe, Jacket, Cemetery

    WordBrain Answers Lion Level Pack:
    Lion Level 1: Clam, Bell, Middle, Book, Chicken
    Lion Level 2: Mailbox, Male, Vampire, Snowman
    Lion Level 3: Chainsaw, Necktie, Screw, Brick
    Lion Level 4: Lava, Cabbage, Panties, Up, Whale
    Lion Level 5: Sink, Duck, Customer, Wolf, Cheek
    Lion Level 6: Right, Vitamin, File, Wide, Mouse
    Lion Level 7: Blouse, Tweezers, Skirt, Muscle
    Lion Level 8: Cyclops, Napkin, Doctor, String
    Lion Level 9: Negative, Tweezers, Crab, Arrow
    Lion Level 10: Stinger, Shorts, Glue, Woodpile
    Lion Level 11: Doctor, Sink, Barbell, Elevator
    Lion Level 12: Raft, Wheel, Lava, Panties, Lorry
    Lion Level 13: Palm, Painter, Boot, Odd, Beehive
    Lion Level 14: Ladder, Elephant, Shower, Think
    Lion Level 15: Headband, Heart, Laugh, Dustbin
    Lion Level 16: Candle, Doghouse, Dog, Upstairs
    Lion Level 17: Ferry, Shield, Roof, Anvil, Spray
    Lion Level 18: Jam, Raft, Canoe, Camera, Pelican
    Lion Level 19: Donosaur, Ball, Stereo, Spinach
    Lion Level 20: Vertical, Target, Cube, Owl, Oval

    WordBrain Answers Squirrel Level Pack:
    Squirrel Level 1: Field, Hatchet, Negative, Fruit
    Squirrel Level 2: Joker, Switch, Pancake, Pig, Idea
    Squirrel Level 3: Board, Drip, Cup, Stairs, Bedroom
    Squirrel Level 4: Beehive, Switch, Iron, Triplets
    Squirrel Level 5: Oval, Trombone, Period, Surgery
    Squirrel Level 6: Starfish, Sock, Goldfish, Laugh
    Squirrel Level 7: Japan, Cherry, Customer, Funnel
    Squirrel Level 8: Soap, Grenade, Mountain, Stripe
    Squirrel Level 9: Corn, Negative, Chicken, Orange
    Squirrel Level 10: North, Overbite, Clown, Cyclops
    Squirrel Level 11: Keyring, Sandpit, Owl, Raincoat
    Squirrel Level 12: Sandpit, Empty, Duckling, Nurse
    Squirrel Level 13: Toaster, Eskimo, Turkey, Ladder
    Squirrel Level 14: Japan, Infinity, Shoulder, Corn
    Squirrel Level 15: Snowman, Laugh, Funnel, Ladybug
    Squirrel Level 16: Lamp, Hatchet, Planet, Neck, Chin
    Squirrel Level 17: Card, Postcard, Pyramid, Salute
    Squirrel Level 18: Field, Vitamin, Scissors, Shirt
    Squirrel Level 19: Porridge, Paddle, Apple, Poison
    Squirrel Level 20: Tongue, Owl, Napkin, Hammer, Talk

    WordBrain Answers Owl Level Pack:
    Owl Level 1: Roof, Moth, Cap, File, Glue, Pie, Jar, Coconut, Door
    Owl Level 2: Infinity, Key, Elk, Belt, Iron, Jug, Dog, Fan, Noose
    Owl Level 3: Drill, Down, Bed, Large, Ham, Game, Robot, Plum, Tie
    Owl Level 4: Kayak, No, Board, Woodpile, Root, Golf, Sheep, Eat
    Owl Level 5: Odd, Tweezers, Knee, Purse, Well, Tail, Goldfish
    Owl Level 6: Block, Smoke, Root, Lorry, Heel, Tomato, Percent
    Owl Level 7: Face, Safe, North, Eye, Stop, Castle, Snorkel, Big
    Owl Level 8: Grass, Medal, Eat, Pipe, Tall, No, Tongue, Ladybug
    Owl Level 9: Corn, Sock, Kite, Jam, Snail, Fold, Puzzle, Gloves
    Owl Level 10: Shout, Finger, Nut, No, Elevator, Mittens, Broom
    Owl Level 11: Jam, Wink, Pie, Gun, Shoelace, Flag, Rocket, Shirt
    Owl Level 12: Gap, Beetroot, Odd, Well, Path, Sickle, Pipe, Cube
    Owl Level 13: Kick, Panda, Board, Tie, Panties, Pie, Peas, Scarf
    Owl Level 14: Tug, Compass, Profit, Ladder, Egg, Male, Hatchet
    Owl Level 15: House, Broom, Sign, Whistle, Onions, Shark, Salt
    Owl Level 16: Moss, Idea, Cube, Edge, Apple, Lantern, Sickle, No
    Owl Level 17: Kick, Smile, Cashier, Canoe, Axe, Peach, Stinger
    Owl Level 18: Infinity, Ball, Cart, Right, Well, Silo, Ask, Flag
    Owl Level 19: Cat, Fist, Cabin, Missile, Bolt, Dart, Hook, North
    Owl Level 20: Cabin, Mail, Drip, Medicine, Fang, Eagle, Candle

    WordBrain Answers Monkey Level Pack:
    Monkey Level 1: Crab, Padlock, Turtle, South, Unicycle, String
    Monkey Level 2: Cufflink, Straw, Toilet, Knife, Mushroom, Heel
    Monkey Level 3: Scales, Tv, File, Sword, Volcano, Whale, Stinger
    Monkey Level 4: Launch, Stereo, Whisper, Stilts, Square, Mouse
    Monkey Level 5: Cream, Peach, Target, Sofa, Spinach, Empty, Skis
    Monkey Level 6: Shoes, Peace, Wheeel, Slide, Church, Smile, Scarf
    Monkey Level 7: Eskimo, Onions, Shallow, Rope, Sheep, Bathroom
    Monkey Level 8: Drip, Piano, Tail, Japan, Bread, Cannon, Butcher
    Monkey Level 9: Ferry, Laugh, Fold, Mirror, Duckling, Birthday
    Monkey Level 10: Bald, Edge, Witch, Stripe, Postcard, Ruler, Plam
    Monkey Level 11: Twins, Milk, Egg, Eraser, Fruit, Pirate, Bite, Fly
    Monkey Level 12: Wink, Doctor, Tongue, Anvil,Laugh, eyring, Dog
    Monkey Level 13: Duckling, Igloo, Shout, Ruler, Edge, Gap, Period
    Monkey Level 14: Brush, Cheek, Bottle, Piano, Plate, Ferry, Rifle
    Monkey Level 15: Soup, Mountain, Sail, Mast, Jacket, Plum, Shower
    Monkey Level 16: Cemetery, Postcard, Lens, Pillar, Record, Sing
    Monkey Level 17: Umbrella, Dustbin, Big, Pancake, Overlap, Tent
    Monkey Level 18: Cookie, Milk, Football, Monkey, Shin, Bathroom
    Monkey Level 19: Lemon, Pliers, Magnet, Saw, Broom, Eat, Glue, Sock
    Monkey Level 20: Tennis, Kitten, Chainsaw, Rocket, Ship, Puzzle

    WordBrain Answers Student Level Pack:
    Student Level 1: Teapot, icicle, Mirror, String, Shoulder, Dice
    Student Level 2: Question, Purse, Yacht, Ladder, Jar, Crack, Sofa
    Student Level 3: Kite, Shorts, iceberg, Kick, Pig, Waffle, Orange
    Student Level 4: Crown, Potato, Tail, Slippers, Wink, Poison, Tin
    Student Level 5: Fruit, Crab, Bullet, Dominoes, Pencil, Pulltab
    Student Level 6: Goat, Chain, Ladder, Icicle, Milk, Shout, Banana
    Student Level 7: Ship, Customer, Nightie, Knee, Icicle, Surgery
    Student Level 8: Sausage, Flagpole, Doorbell, Idea, Path, Thick
    Student Level 9: Robot, Napkin, Switch, Teardrop, Muscle, Mouth
    Student Level 10: Monster, Ruler, Tongue, Orange, Earring, Trunk
    Student Level 11: Glass, Sandpit, Tomato, Left, Umbrella, Tie, Gap
    Student Level 12: Small, Dustbin, Shower, Scarf, Think, Shoulder
    Student Level 13: Envelope, Shallow, Salt, Ladybug, Raft, Window
    Student Level 14: Tug, Kitten, Lens, Peach, Crab, Pyramid, Whisper
    Student Level 15: Boots, Tomato, Lantern, Shout, Divide, Pumpkin
    Student Level 16: Haystack, Box, Yacht, Toaster, Padlock, Saddle
    Student Level 17: Bald, Spray, Sawdust, Ghost, Bedroom, Elevator
    Student Level 18: Neck, Shield, Lighter, Chain, Buckle, Moth, Barn
    Student Level 19: Teardrop, Whisper, Chair, Empty, Wink, Vampire
    Student Level 20: Cookie, Palm, Wink, Plum, Sandpit, Poison, Globe

    WordBrain Answers Clown Level Pack:
    Clown Level 1: Toaster, Zipper, Honey, Stripe, Tie, Biscuit, No
    Clown Level 2: Heart, Eat, Bald, Odd, Slippers, Chain, Swing, Nut
    Clown Level 3: Fan, Fruit, Door, Grenade, Ladybug, Lamp, Barrel
    Clown Level 4: Iron, Brick, Doorbell, Horse, Bag, Female, Arrow
    Clown Level 5: Soap, Apple, Bedroom, Eyeball, Rocket, Knuckle
    Clown Level 6: Panda, Bald, Safe, Upstairs, Ask, Dentist, Paint
    Clown Level 7: CELERY, Tie, Door, Think, Tail, Umbrella, Tomato
    Clown Level 8: Wolf, Stairs, Fang, Steak, Hook, Igloo, Bow, Witch
    Clown Level 9: Sofa, Olive, Pipe, Swan, Sausage, Patient, Happy
    Clown Level 10: Root, Moon, Candle, Lighter, Butter, Stop, Medal
    Clown Level 11: Cart, Cupboard, Eat, Cane, Swing, Grenade, Right
    Clown Level 12: Panties, Stop, Soap,Scooter, Toaster, Hat, Cane
    Clown Level 13: Moon, Jam, Lamp, Jug, Dominoes, Percent, Picture
    Clown Level 14: Earing, Prism, Medicine, Haystack, Beetroot
    Clown Level 15: Mirror, Cyclops, Infinity, Pancake, Football
    Clown Level 16: Beard, Turkey, Dustbin, Think, Fan, Thin, Anchor
    Clown Level 17: Lighter, Witch, Rifle, Porridge, Gloves, Drill
    Clown Level 18: Bedroom, Pumpkin, Shout, Ruler, Lava, Chair, Jar
    Clown Level 19: Lens, Chair, Spray, Milk, Melon, Crown, Umbrella
    Clown Level 20: Earth, Record, Piano, Trousers, Lemon, Hook, Tie

    WordBrain Answers Waiter Level Pack:
    Waiter Level 1: Mittens, Center, Hatchent, Fold, Ball, Pie, Sugar
    Waiter Level 2: Overlap, Necklace, Compass, Elevator, Corner
    Waiter Level 3: Peace, Knife, Trousers, Cashier, Box, Nose, Spot
    Waiter Level 4: Doghouse, Negative, Hook, Ship, Dentist, Thumb
    Waiter Level 5: Ghost, Cube, Hoe, Puzzle, Scales, Straw, Cashier
    Waiter Level 6: Book, Camera, Petal, Log, Scale, Customer, Grass
    Waiter Level 7: Necktie, Kick, Pulltab, Lemon, Pancake, Mirror
    Waiter Level 8: Arm, Ham, Wink, Patient, Money, Grapes, Question
    Waiter Level 9: LapLapel, Money, Arrow, Full, Mail, Thin, Onions, Box
    Waiter Level 10: Cheek, Dream, Stilts, Percent, Football, Swing
    Waiter Level 11: Thick, Shallow, Pillar, Napkin, Postcard, Swan
    Waiter Level 12: Pumpkin, Lamp, Bolt, Spinach, Tweezers, Trowel
    Waiter Level 13: Pepper, Bell, Umbrella, South, Dentist, Pliers
    Waiter Level 14: Elbow, Chin, Rifle, Wink, Fork, Odd, Purse, Sun, Pie
    Waiter Level 15: Grenade, Mince, Knuckle, Ask, Shield, Boot, Root
    Waiter Level 16: Slide, Plate, Cabbage, Oval, Wolf, Mince, Paddle
    Waiter Level 17: Well, Sugar, Wink, Jump, Lantern, Tooth, Necktie
    Waiter Level 18: Ball, Suitcase, Door, Sword, Floor, Scar, Shower
    Waiter Level 19: Money, Necktie, Globe, Sail, Oval, Icicle, Scarf
    Waiter Level 20: Rocket, Milk, Paint, Tennis, Negative, Hatchet

    WordBrain Answers Policemen Level Pack:
    Policemen Level 1: Picture, Bedroom, Bacon, Collar, Face, Shallow
    Policemen Level 2: Dice, Medicine, Box, Bottle, Haystack, Beehive
    Policemen Level 3: Mailbox, Chicken, Twins, Clown, Grapes, Cereal
    Policemen Level 4: Mince, Fruit, Happy, Kitchen, Poison, Doorbell
    Policemen Level 5: Cabage, Fear, Lamp, Joker, Robot, Balloon, Cart
    Policemen Level 6: Rocket, Cashier, Monster, Bomb, Teapot, Divide
    Policemen Level 7: Smoke, Corner, Duck, Nail, Straw, Field, Lantern
    Policemen Level 8: Slippers, Vampire, Suitcase, Ask, Root, Toilet
    Policemen Level 9: Cupboard, Mince, Root, Brush, Milk, Lapel, Drink
    Policemen Level 10: Shirt, Tin, Large,Shoelace, Idea, Muscle, Melon
    Policemen Level 11: Chainsaw, Eyeball, Dinosaur, Apple, Hoe, Whale
    Policemen Level 12: Melon, Vitamin, Talk, Mushroom, Trombone, Cake
    Policemen Level 13: Gap, Unicycle, Silo, Spinach, Period, Mail, Stop
    Policemen Level 14: Gun, Plane, Swan, Rifle, Porridge, Wing, Dentist
    Policemen Level 15: Crow, Stereo, Bee, Heel, Stern, Scale, Fist, Fence
    Policemen Level 16: Monkey, Butter, Carrot, Stereo, Lens, Drip, Path
    Policemen Level 17: Scooter, Chair, Corner, Empty, Igloo, Mosquito
    Policemen Level 18: Maze, Corn, Stripe, Diagonal, Period, Beetroot
    Policemen Level 19: Cufling, Saw, Kite, Grenade, Jump, Shout, Cheek
    Policemen Level 20: Pyramid, Fence, Heart, Muscle, Rope, Think, Cart

    WordBrain Answers Chef Level Pack:
    Chef Level 1: Sink, Paddle, Hammer, Jump, Pigsty, Heel, Switch
    Chef Level 2: Patch, Iron, Plum, Ship, Door, Sheriff, No, Meadow
    Chef Level 3: Grapes, Sock, Napkin, Jacket, Nurse, Stripe, Gap
    Chef Level 4: Dominoes, Wink, Coconut, Meat, Duck, Shark, Down
    Chef Level 5: Smile, Padlock, Mailbox, Fence, Gloves, Buckle
    Chef Level 6: Dice, Path, Switch, Duck, Mountain, Odd, Necktie
    Chef Level 7: Shovel, Gap, Face, Clam, Silo, Tv, TearDrop, Fruit
    Chef Level 8: Magnet, Eyeball, Meadow, Knife, Butcher, Shark
    Chef Level 9: Socks, Mosquito, Smoke, Trowel, Crab, Spot, Trowel, Crab, Spot, Bald
    Chef Level 10: Barrel, Oar, Target, Scale, Question, Anvil, Lip
    Chef Level 11: Cube, Trowel, Window, Panties, Come, Drip, Wheel
    Chef Level 12: Mushroom, Napkin, Grenade, House, Plane, Panda
    Chef Level 13: Fence, Bread, Horse, Arm, Kitchen, Multiply, Sad
    Chef Level 14: Whistle, Necktie, Keyhole, Steak, Thumb, North
    Chef Level 15: Doghouse, Lip, Picture, Whale, Collar, Beehive
    Chef Level 16: Peach, Tie, Crow, Birthday, Elbow, Kitchen, Barn
    Chef Level 17: Rifle, Shield, Scissors, Castle, Painter, Neck
    Chef Level 18: Helmet, Chainsaw, Bite, Meadow, Elephant, Oval
    Chef Level 19: Butcher, Crow, Deer, Lawn, Duck, Bee, Shirt, Clown
    Chef Level 20: Spoon, Shoelace, Golf, Wide, Compass, Lawn, Peas

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