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  • Stuck needing answers for the his new game Word Swipe by Eternus Games? We’ve solved every level and pack to bring you all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Word Swipe is available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device and can be picked up for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. How does your brain stuck up against the Word Swipe – Word Search Brain Training Game? Let’s find out!

    We all know the reason you’re here, Answers but let’s dive into a bit more about Word Swipe. Wondering how to play? Word Swipe is a trivia game similar to WordBrain in which the player needs to guess the correct word by dragging their finger along the particular letters, Sounds easy? Hardly. Word Swipe already features well over 500 levels with grid sizes ranging from 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6.  Had enough learning about the game? Let’s dive straight into the Word Swipe Answers, Cheats and Solutions to All Levels and Packs.

    Please note: We’re working out the answers now, If you’ve got one we don’t tell us in the comments below either on Facebook or Disqus!

    Word Swipe Answers:

    Level 1: Word
    Level 2: Find
    Level 3: Cake
    Level 4: Tear
    Level 5: Idea
    Level 6: Tour
    Level 7: Post
    Level 8: Foal
    Level 9: Year
    Level 10: Omit

    Level 11: Swipe, Word
    Level 12: Play, Games
    Level 13: Fence, flag
    Level 14: Advantage
    Level 15: Note,paper
    Level 16: Kayak, Duck
    Level 17: Happy, time
    Level 18: Pigsty, fly
    Level 19: Jam, Puzzle
    Level 20: Peace, love

    Level 21: Spring, box
    Level 22: Cheese, fan
    Level 23: Waffle,sun
    Level 24: Shovel, Dog
    Level 25: Bench, Gift
    Level 26: Tag, Purple
    Level 27: Cover, over
    Level 28: Quiz, shock
    Level 29: Hour, Title
    Level 30: Egg, tennis

    Level 31: Doll, Slide
    Level 32: Mussel, inn
    Level 33: Beer, Plaza
    Level 34: Hatch, kiwi
    Level 35: Candle, bed
    Level 36: Petal, sock
    Level 37: Thin, wheel
    Level 38: Cart, Happy
    Level 39: People, Pie
    Level 40: Thing, Band

    Level 41: Fruit, fair
    Level 42: Tent, smoke
    Level 43: No, Eyeball
    Level 44: Basket, Hat
    Level 45: Great, Work
    Level 46: Shark, Book
    Level 47: Roof, Field
    Level 48: Spot, screw
    Level 49: Card, south
    Level 50: Prize, Duck

    Level 51: Melon, well
    Level 52: Gold, Brush
    Level 53: Chest, moon
    Level 54: Duty, Night
    Level 55: Suit, Pizza
    Level 56: Nurse, wave
    Level 57: Lemon, face
    Level 58: Castle, tin
    Level 59: Skull, Tent
    Level 60: Square, hoe

    Level 61: Kite, Ghost
    Level 62: Gun, Paddle
    Level 63: Plate, navy
    Level 64: Salary, Jog
    Level 65: Fax, Shower
    Level 66: Spot, Screw
    Level 67: Smoke, Shin
    Level 68: Piano, Raft 
    Level 69: Fork, Large
    Level 70: Beard, meat

    Level 71: Trunk, Cart
    Level 72: Peach, snow
    Level 73: Soul, bread
    Level 74: Travel, pig
    Level 75: Fish, Beard
    Level 76: Candle, Fan
    Level 77: Barrel, Box
    Level 78: Race, Sheep
    Level 79: Gas, device
    Level 80: Baby, juice

    Level 81: Wing, earth
    Level 82: Bolt, Large
    Level 83: Male, Skull
    Level 84: Heart, Dice
    Level 85: Dice, empty
    Level 86: Super, Mind
    Level 87: Watch, Week
    Level 88: Spoon, hair
    Level 89: Began, flab
    Level 90: Head, prism

    Level 91: Cousin, Bed
    Level 92: Head, prism
    Level 93: Wood, Sugar
    Level 94: South, Lamp
    Level 95: Mince, Mail
    Level 96: Park, Rival
    Level 97: Storm, Soap
    Level 98: Bell, Straw
    Level 99: Dent, Lying
    Level 100: Eye, School
    Level 100: Exam, Flood

    Level 101: Bank, Type, Tune, Club
    Level 102: Sand, Math, Year, Dish
    Level 103: Roof, Disk, Dog, Panda
    Level 104: Fruit, Road, Seed, Win
    Level 105: Meat, Sheep, Bat, Card
    Level 106: Nut, Bag, Dream, Cabin
    Level 107: Leaf, Coat, Corn, Part
    Level 108: Help, Grid, Loss, Rope
    Level 109: Palm, Pumpkin, Table
    Level 110: Coach, Space, League

    Level 111: Staff, Charm, Sister
    Level 112: Table, Record, North
    Level 113: Cupboard, Oval ,roof
    Level 114: Lantern, Ask, Barrel
    Level 115: Pencil, Earth, Sheep
    Level 116: Country, Wood, Heart
    Level 117: Fashion, Call, Bacon
    Level 118: Butter, Bacon, Drink
    Level 119: Gloves, Keyring, Bag
    Level 120: Goat, Bullet, Orange

    Level 121: Mist, Cosmos, Summer
    Level 122: Station, Rock, Cross
    Level 123: Napkin, Joy, Capital
    Level 124: Mussel, Fork, Castle
    Level 125: Dream, Blood, Noodle
    Level 126: Mirror, Crow, Tongue
    Level 127: Trophy, Nurse, Melon
    Level 128: Brother, Case, State
    Level 129: Water, Back, Destiny
    Level 130: Celery, Thick, Slide

    Level 131: Hatchet, Nut, Stilts
    Level 132: Starfish, Neck, Flag
    Level 133: Dress, Clerk, Button
    Level 134: Tomato, Friend, Time
    Level 135: Chicken, Cheese, Fox
    Level 136: Desk, Cruise, Fridge
    Level 137: Switch, Drink, Piano
    Level 138: Trombone, Tricycle
    Level 139: Roof, Empty, Jump, Tin
    Level 140: Card, Necktie, Spray

    Level 141: Scholar, Trade, Skin
    Level 142: Garden, Spoon, State
    Level 143: Bull, Member, Mother
    Level 144: Saw, Hen, Crow, Finger
    Level 145: Scissors, Wink, Heel
    Level 146: Elk, Cow, Petal, Music
    Level 147: Boot, Mince, Dentist
    Level 148: Hope, Mirror, Custom
    Level 149: Perfume, Camera, Sea
    Level 150: Smile, Coconut, Size

    Level 151: Group, Notion and Plane
    Level 152: Towel, Stone, Cancer (Thanks Mariah R)
    Level 153: Body, Kiss. Beverage
    Level 154: Zoo, Chess, Triangle
    Level 155: Castle, Cap, Padlock
    Level 156: Skirt, Sickle, Sugar
    Level 157: Aerial, Ham, Bedroom
    Level 158: Ham, Stop, Brick, Belt
    Level 159: Medal, Skirt, Icicle
    Level 160: Butter, Pet, Subject
    Level 161: Duck, Neck, Medicine
    Level 162: Title, Skill, Author
    Level 163: Price, Stamp, Banner
    Level 164: Face, Lesson, Salary
    Level 165: System, Patient, Fun
    Level 166: Stage, Photo, Spider
    Level 167: Honey, Balls, Cannon
    Level 168: Maze, Blow, Peas, Lamp
    Level 169: Necklace, Dynamite
    Level 170: Launch, Brick, Socks

    Level 171: Rabbit, Moon, Stairs
    Level 172: Sheriff, Axe, Bottle
    Level 173: Shoelace, Ghost, Cup
    Level 174: Fault, Chair, Galaxy
    Level 175: Mouth, Clock, Cotton
    Level 176: Flower, Field, Apple
    Level 177: Elephant, Bear, Deer
    Level 178: Lung, Nephew, Memory
    Level 179: Zebra, Market, Cloud
    Level 180: Bloom, Price, Number
    Level 181: Mask, Rain, Sentence
    Level 182: Rocket, Plate, Smoke
    Level 183: Rabbit, Dress, Tooth
    Level 184: Negative, Eagle, Arm
    Level 185: Hat, Witch, Tricycle
    Level 186: Broom, Picture, Crow
    Level 187: Balloon, Large, Tall
    Level 188: Doorbell, Small, Sun
    Level 189: Cake, Triplet, Edge
    Level 190: Bullet, Magnet, Golf

    Level 191: Igloo, Plane, Onions
    Level 192: Path, Sawn, Book, Wing
    Level 193: Cap, Brush and Trombone
    Level 194: Profit, Cheek, Skull
    Level 195: Flagpole, Trombone
    Level 196: Glass, Tomato, Ghost
    Level 197: Moth, Lip, Down, Sheep
    Level 198: Piano, Full, Percent
    Level 199: Envelope, Tug, Robot
    Level 200: Window, Angle, Crown

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