Word Legend – Attention Exercise Answers Cheats All Levels

  • Need the answers, cheats or solutions to the hit new game Word Legend by Smart Up Inc? We’ve solved all the levels and packs to get you on your way to the next level or perhaps completing the game. What more could you ask for? Word Legend is a treat if you want to recharge your brain or just have some fun while learning.

    You can pick up Word Legend from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices for free. Using your finger, It’s your job to form the correct word by sliding across the letters, Fun right? Let’s jump straight into the Word Legend Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and Packs now.

    Word Legend Answers:

    Alice Pack 2×2:

    Level 1: Book
    Level 2: Head
    Level 3: Warm
    Level 4: Goal
    Level 5: Duck
    Level 6: Link
    Level 7: Rail
    Level 8: Chew
    Level 9: Plum
    Level 10: Like

    Rabbit Pack 2×2:

    Level 1: Beer
    Level 2: Boot
    Level 3: Name
    Level 4: Bear
    Level 5: Desk
    Level 6: Face
    Level 7: Rule
    Level 8: Chef
    Level 9: Cave
    Level 10: Lamb

    Mouse Pack 3×3:

    Level 1: Smart, Play
    Level 2: Mad, Leader
    Level 3: Clue, Storm
    Level 4: Brain, Dish
    Level 5: Pear, Sport
    Level 6: Bed, Tomato
    Level 7: Drug, Space
    Level 8: Cotton, Gas
    Level 9: Spin, Honor
    Level 10: Banana, Buy
    Level 11: Crazy, Nine
    Level 12: Bubble, Tip
    Level 13: Rain, Lucky
    Level 14: Flash, Lock
    Level 15: River, Ship
    Level 16: Cancer, Bus
    Level 17: Brand, Vine
    Level 18: Thumb, Read
    Level 19: Lazy, Cream
    Level 20: Vine, Store

    Duck Pack 3×3:

    Level 1: Sun, Ticket
    Level 2: Chat, Storm
    Level 3: Fly, Pigeon
    Level 4: Shelf, Tend
    Level 5: Love, Dream
    Level 6: Boy, Camera
    Level 7: Slide, Port
    Level 8: Tax, Church
    Level 9: Music, Tail
    Level 10: Image, Rock
    Level 11: Quick, West
    Level 12: Menu, Noise
    Level 13: Tiger, Boat
    Level 14: Tv, Holiday
    Level 15: Muse, Torch
    Level 16: Ache, Lemon
    Level 17: Judge, Corn
    Level 18: Gain, Tutor
    Level 19: Leaf, Venus
    Level 20: Nut, Donkey

    Dodo Pack 3×3:

    Level 1: Swing, Plan
    Level 2: Ice, Campus
    Level 3: Actor, Math
    Level 4: Wool, Daisy
    Level 5: Top, Decade
    Level 6: Team, Probe
    Level 7: Blade, Heat
    Level 8: Purse, Book
    Level 9: Up, Freedom
    Level 10: Juice, Palm
    Level 11: Torch, Club
    Level 12: Envy, Hobby
    Level 13: Empty, Boil
    Level 14: Price, Tour
    Level 15: Waist, Goat
    Level 16: Screen, Map
    Level 17: Note, Chase
    Level 18: Fire, Curry
    Level 19: Movie, Skip
    Level 20: Board, Help

    Eaglet Pack 3×3:
    Magpie Pack 4×4:
    Lory Pack 4×4:
    Lizard Pack 4×4:
    Puppy Pack 4×4:
    Caterpillar Pack 4×4:
    Pigeon Pack 4×4:

    Help us solve the levels below, We’ll even credit you!

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