Word Crush Animals Answers All Levels

  • Word Crush Animals Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Word Crush Animals is a newly released ‘Word Crush’ style game in which the player needs to drag their finger across the randomize letters in order to create a word however be careful, Some words need to be in the exact order otherwise you’ll need to restart the level.

    Word Crush Animals is created by ‘Mediaflex Games’ They also brought us the original ‘Word Crush’ and the popular and addicting ‘Emoji Quiz’ game that a lot of us still play today. You can pick up Word Crush Animals from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices free.

    Go download the game if you haven’t and join us on the swiping adventure that Word Crush Animals is. Let’s swipe our way into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the new addicting game Word Crush Animals.


    Level 1: Duck
    Level 2: Goat
    Level 3: Lion
    Level 4: Mole
    Level 5: Toad
    Level 6: Crab
    Level 7: Frog
    Level 8: Wolf
    Level 9: Seal
    Level 10: Lynx

    Level 11: Walrus Fox
    Level 12: Bear Hippo
    Level 13: Crab Skunk
    Level 14: Clam Snail
    Level 15: Eel Beetle
    Level 16: Eagle Slug
    Level 17: Duck Panda
    Level 18: Turkey Dog
    Level 19: Donkey Pig
    Level 20: Turkey Cow

    Level 21: Bee Lizard
    Level 22: Bee Falcon
    Level 23: Jaguar Owl
    Level 24: Dog Turkey
    Level 25: Zebra Hare
    Level 26: Walrus Cat
    Level 27: Shrimp Rat
    Level 28: Beetle Bee
    Level 29: Hornet Dog
    Level 30: Ant Spider

    Level 31: Gerbil Ant
    Level 32: Walrus Owl
    Level 33: Jaguar Fox
    Level 34: Gerbil Owl
    Level 35: Turkey Cow
    Level 36: Python Bee
    Level 37: Vole Otter
    Level 38: Gerbil Cow
    Level 39: Eagle Frog
    Level 40: Cow Beetle

    Level 41: Kitten Bee
    Level 42: Eel Python
    Level 43: Spider Eel
    Level 44: Otter Lion
    Level 45: Hippo Goat
    Level 46: Bettle Bee
    Level 47: Prawn Crab
    Level 48: Pony Zebra
    Level 49: Rat Rabbit
    Level 50: Walrus Rat

    Level 51: Crab Mouse
    Level 52: Beetle Cow
    Level 53: Tiger Goat
    Level 54: Puppy Boar
    Level 55: Horney Fly
    Level 56: Eel Kitten
    Level 57: Shrimp Rat
    Level 58: Horney Bee
    Level 59: Alpaca Fox
    Level 60: Frog Llama

    Level 61: Hare Horse
    Level 62: Python Ant
    Level 63: Spider Bee
    Level 64: Shrimp Dog
    Level 65: Owl Kitten

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