Word Craft – Word Brain Answers All Levels and Packs

  • Need help answering the Word Craft – Word Brain game levels and packs? Luckily we’ve solved all the Answers, Cheats and Solution to each and every pack. Created by Wixot Game, Word Craft is a new release trivia game that’s currently available from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device now for free.

    Word Craft is a new style trivia game in which the player needs to guess the correct word/s in the given grid, These can range from 2×2 up to 7×7 and are extremely difficult at that. Similar to Wordbrain, You’re to swipe your finger along the correct letters in order to form the right word. The first few maybe easy but will get darn tough after the first 30 levels. With up to 30 Packs, There’s sure to be a lot of time devoted to solving these pesky puzzles. If you’re ready to dive straight into the Word Craft Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs then let’s begin.

    Word Craft Answers:

    Pack 1 - 2x2 Answers:
    Level 1: Cake
    Level 2: Wine
    Level 3: Milk
    Level 4: Golf
    Level 5: Flat
    Level 6: Sing
    Level 7: Lily
    Level 8: Jeep
    Level 9: Pine
    Level 10: Fear
    Level 11: Pear
    Level 12: Lamp
    Level 13: Drum
    Level 14: Leek
    Level 15: Beef
    Level 16: Slip
    Level 17: Taxi
    Level 18: Soda
    Level 19: Love
    Level 20: Peas
    Level 21: Coat
    Level 22: Belt
    Level 23: Rice
    Level 24: Oboe
    Level 25: Tune
    Level 26: Door
    Level 27: Pity
    Level 28: Okra
    Level 29: Corn
    Level 30: Kiwi
    Pack 2 - 3x3 Answers:
    Level 1: Bus, Bee, Joy
    Level 2: Pig, Garlic
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