Word Clever Answers and Cheats All Levels

  • We’ve solved all the Word Clever Answers, Cheats, Solutions and bring you a full walkthrough for all levels and packs including the Tutorial, Normal and Challenge Packs which are available in-game from the iOS or Android Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device right now for free.

    It’s your job to guess and find all the hidden words in amongst the letter grid. You touch the right letters to form the correct level to forward on through until you beat the games. You have to have the words in the correct position and order to proceed. This game is created by Nebula Bytes.

    Word Clever Answers All Levels:

    Word Clever Tutorial Pack:

    Level 1: Dog
    Level 2: Cat
    Level 3: Home

    Word Clever Normal Pack 1 Answers:

    Level 1: Life
    Level 2: Home
    Level 3: Part
    Level 4: Year
    Level 5: Word
    Level 6: Work
    Level 7: Side
    Level 8: Hour
    Level 9: Game
    Level 10: Head

    Word Clever Normal Pack 2 Answers:

    Level 1: Sport, Area
    Level 2: Lip, Artist
    Level 3: Image, News
    Level 4: Model, Star
    Level 5: Team, Place
    Level 6: Board, Cost
    Level 7: Fly, Second
    Level 8: Thing, Bank
    Level 9: Rule, South
    Level 10: Brain, Hair
    Level 11: Money, Hour
    Level 12: Party, Wall
    Level 13: Source, Car
    Level 14: Phone, Year
    Level 15: Girl, Woman
    Level 16: Life, Dream
    Level 17: Mind, Order
    Level 18: Street, Map
    Level 19: List, Heart
    Level 20: Doctor, Sun

    Level 21: Letter, Bow
    Level 22: Child, Love
    Level 23: Score, Film
    Level 24: Chair, Food
    Level 25: Foot, Actor
    Level 26: Sky, Office
    Level 27: Week, Story
    Level 28: Court, Help
    Level 29: Part, Sense
    Level 30: Report, Dog
    Level 31: Truck, Note
    Level 32: Book, Shape
    Level 33: Room, Movie
    Level 34: Cow, Degree
    Level 35: Class, Type
    Level 36: Window, Arm
    Level 37: North, View
    Level 38: Boy, Author
    Level 39: End, Police
    Level 40: Head, House

    Level 41: Novel, City
    Level 42: Bed, Future
    Level 43: Trail, Work
    Level 44: Hat, Nature
    Level 45: Door, Voice
    Level 46: Mother, Cat
    Level 47: Art, Summer
    Level 48: Region, Pen
    Level 49: Lab, Leader
    Level 50: Record, Pie
    Level 51: Pet, Center
    Level 52: Group, Seat
    Level 53: Nut, Player
    Level 54: Budget, Tip
    Level 55: Point, Card
    Level 56: River, Task
    Level 57: Plan, Metal
    Level 58: Theory, Sea
    Level 59: Site, Chain
    Level 60: Person, Hip

    Level 61: Sugar, Edge
    Level 62: Weight, Fan
    Level 63: Tea, Dinner
    Level 64: Game, Horse
    Level 65: Kind, Music
    Level 66: Heat, Smile

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