Word Academy: Sandbox – Answers Levels 1-20

  • Word Academy Sandbox Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Word Academy is the latest in the line up of Scimob’s viral games. You can pick Word Academy up for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store now for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices.In this game its your goal to try and unlock grids made up of hidden words which allows you to advance to the next level. Lets dive into the Word Academy Sandbox Answers, Cheats and Solutions.

    Word Academy: Sandbox Answers:

    Level 1 PEAR APPLE
    Level 2 TINY LARGE
    Level 3 PANTS SHOE
    Level 4 ROOF HOUSE
    Level 5 PARTY CLUB
    Level 6 EAGLE DOVE
    Level 7 SKIRT KILT
    Level 8 PILOT SEAT
    Level 9 CREAM MILK
    Level 10 COP POLICE
    Level 11 CHICK EGGS
    Level 12 PESOS EURO
    Level 13 SEA CRUISE
    Level 14 WATER LAKE
    Level 15 TALL SHORT
    Level 16 KICKS BALL
    Level 17 PLANT ALOE
    Level 18 BURN SUNNY
    Level 19 LITTLE BIG
    Level 20 MINCE LAMB

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